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Debauchery in the dark

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2 min
8 years ago
It was late at night as we embarked on our journey to find a discreet place in the park where we could ravage each other under the cover of darkness. The hustle and bustle of the park during the day had been replaced with an eerie silence, punctuated by the occasional sounds of nature. We found a secluded spot and proceeded to passionately kiss, our hands caressing each other’s bodies as the sexual chemistry ignited. I removed her top and gorged myself on her ample breasts, occasionally pausing to continue our passionate kissing. She then took out my throbbing cock and started sucking – my body shuddered as she went back and forth, sucking slowly and deeply. I was in heaven. She continued sucking my pulsating cock as I inserted my fingers deep into her wet pussy. The stars glistened in the sky above and the silence was now replaced by a continual moan as her pussy started to purr from my constant attention. My fingers were now moving in and out at a rapid rate while I was experiencing my own feeling of rapture as she wrapped her lips around my rock hard cock. Back and forth she went, going deep and then just playing with the tip. The darkness gave a sense of timelessness – we didn’t know how long we’d been indulging in each other but we both knew that it was very satisfying. I couldn’t take it anymore – she started sucking hard and jerking my still rigid cock until I blew a massive load into her waiting mouth. She continued sucking for a few more minutes, ensuring every last drop was gone. My fingers continued to work away at her wet pussy while I ran my tongue over her nipples and then sucked on them. She was soon in ecstasy, her body shuddering as she climaxed. We both then lay there, gazing at the stars and enjoying the moment together. No words were exchanged – we both knew how passionate and enjoyable our time had been.

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