14 Jun 2016

I want to tell you about a time a couple of years ago when i went out to dinner with a couple of friends. I ran into them when i went to star city on one of my trips back to Sydney. I knew him from school and we played football together and i meet his wife a couple of times before i moved away but i didn't really know her.

As i said i ran into them at star city and i was pleased to see them as they were me. We had a drink and made small talk for about an hour before they had to leave for a show they were going to but we made plans for me to go to there place the next night and we could go out for dinner.The next day i was not sure if i would go as i did have other plans and he wasn't a good friend but someone i knew from a long time ago... As it turned out my plans went out the window and i was free to go out with my old friend.

7 o'clock come around and i turned up to there house and i went to the door and knocked. My friends wife answered the door and i couldn't believe it.... She looked stunning, I had not really taken any notice of her before as i don't really go after my friends wives, but she was stunning on this night... She had on a short black dress with a 6 inch heels. Her nipple were erect and i could see she wasn't wearing a bra. She let me in the door and said her hubby was up stairs just getting really... As i walked into the house she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips just lingering long enough so it was more then a welcome kiss. I didn't know how to react. Are they swingers? did she kiss everyone like that? she saw the wonder on my face and smiled at me, with a wink she ask me if i would like a drink. I agreed and she got me one and she poured a glass of wine for herself.

Mark come down after about 5 minutes and had a drink himself, we all talked about the old days had a few more drinks then we left to go and have some dinner in town. Mark said he would drive his wifes car into town as it was small and easy to get parks. so being a 2 seat car she would have to sit on my lap on the way in, I was ok with that, so i jump in the car and X got in also. As she got in she put her leg over my lap so she could straddle me and as she did bent over holding the dash board of the car, As she did this her dress rose up and exposed her bear arse and pussy right in front of my face, my cock went instantly hard and she sat on my lap and look me in the eye and said, "I can see you enjoyed that" and gave me a big smile. As her hubby got into the car she said I forgot my handbag honey, would you mind going and getting it as it will be quicker.When mark got out of the car she stood up and pulled my zipper down and pulled my cock out of my jeans, lowering herself onto it slowly i could feel her juices and warmth of her pussy as she was forcing my cock into tight cunt. She had about 3 quarters of my cock in her when her hubby come out holding her bag. I couldn't believe it, i had my cock in my friends wife cunt and he had no idea and he was about 4 inches away from me. We headed off and as we hit a bump she was taking more and more of my big cock into her. it felt so good yet so wrong... Every bump she would let out a little moan and i was getting deeper into her. For about 10 minutes we fucked to the rhythm of the car and at one stage she let out a load moan as she had a orgasm... she looked at her hubby and said she was starting to get a cramp... we got into the city and as we were getting near the restaurant i couldn't hold out and i shot a big load of cum into her, I could feel her juices and my cum running down my cock, It felt incredible. WE park the car and mark got out of the car, as he did she got off my lap and i managed to put my cock away before he got to our side of the car.

Did that just happen? Following them in i was behind them and i looked down and i could see my cum running down the inside of her leg, she stopped turned around and looked at me and without missing a beat she ran her finger up her leg and collected the cum on her fingers and put it straight into her mouth.Once again i was stunned!

We got inside and went to the bar for a drink. Mark went to the toilet and his wife and myself were at the bar. she was sitting in front of me and she said she has never seen a cock like mine let alone had one in her. She opened her legs to show me her cum filled pussy and said that she was so fucking horny and she just wanted to get me out of here and to fuck the shit out of me!! as she said that she put her fingers back into her pussy and got some more cum out and sucked on her fingers.....I want to suck on your cock till you cum in my mouth, you have fucked a lot of our friends and now its my turn to have your cock in me....... During dinner every chance she got she would stick her fingers in her pussy and then suck on them... fuck she was a horny slut and i was loving it!! mark was hitting the wine like a homeless bum and was just about legless when we finished dinner. We got a cub back to there place as none of us were able to drive. She play with my cock through my jeans all the way home with me having my fingers in her soaking wet hole...... I had to get my mate to his bed before i could fuck his wife for him, lol... he couldn't do it so what are friends for? I got him to bed and he was asleep before his head hit the pillow. as i turned around his wife was just about undressed and on her way on her knees after my cock. she sucked on it like she hadn't had a cock for a thousand years...... it didn't take me long to shoot my cum down her throat and she swolloed every last drop.... i fucked her in every room of the house that night and when i go to sydney we still fuck....