8 Dec 2015

“Do you trust me?” I whisper into his ear. He can’t see me. His eyes are covered by a silk blindfold. He cannot reach me because his wrists are leather bound and tied behind the back of the chair. His sexy body is naked and exposed, except for the blindfold and the wrist and ankle bindings that tie him tightly, locking him into the chair.

His breathing becomes shallow as I slowly, teasingly walk around him. I am trailing my fingertips lightly over his soft manly skin, making him shiver in anticipation. I pinch his nipples, they harden to my attention; I smile at seeing this sexy reaction. He can hear the click-click of my high heels as I walk around him.

I stand behind him and tenderly kiss his neck, lightly licking and nipping at his sensual skin. Again he shivers, and I bite a bit harder making him pull away from me, but he can only go so far. I run both hands over his shoulders and down across his neck, I begin to kneel down in front of him.

His thick cock is hard and ready for me. I grab his erection firmly at the base and suck him into my hot mouth, my tongue slides down the swollen veined length. His breath releases at the sensation of my hot, wet mouth and the suction I use. I fist pump his cock firmly, slathering it with my saliva. His breathing is faster but as he’s about to cum I release him, the pre-cum continuing to well up and glistening on the head, I lick him, I have to have the sweet and salty taste in my mouth.

I smile to myself, and lean up to slowly remove the blindfold off his eyes. He gasps at what he sees, I slowly lick my lips clean of his delicious pre-cum. I stand straight and turn for him in a circle, allowing him to marvel at my body, the black heels, and the black leather bodice I wear with the thigh high stockings. He can see the wetness on my inner thighs, I am really aroused with my womanly power.

I stand in a pose and pout slightly.

“Don’t you want me, do you want to fuck me?” I ask. He nods, wild eyed and strains against the bindings.

“Now, now, don’t be so impatient." I give him a sultry smile.

I walk towards him and press him back into the chair. I put a leg on either side of the chair and, holding on to the back with my hands, press my breasts into his face. He licks and bites what he can reach, but it’s hard for him to control me. Suddenly he strikes gold when he catches one of my nipples. It’s erect now and he softly digs his teeth into me and is rewarded with a sharp cry of my pleasure. As he does this, I grab, aim and drive his erect cock inside my wet pussy and he moans as my juicy sex swallows his erection.

I start to grind onto his cock; we both moan more and I grind more rapidly. He struggles against the bindings as the pleasure of my writhing body urges him on. I cum, I am in heaven, this makes him even more impassioned. I stop grinding myself entirely onto him and then pull upwards so that his cock is almost out of my pussy, then I slide slowly back down his veined pulsing shaft. The feeling is amazing for me and I can hardly contain myself. I cum again and throw my head back in ecstasy. I smile, my glazed over eyes still closed; I slowly open them to look directly into his.

“Let’s try this a different way, shall we?”

I climb off his proud cock and turn my back on him. I close my legs and lean back, aiming his cock back into myself. I reach now and grab his thighs to support myself as I penetrate myself again with his erection. He loves this horny position and struggles against his bindings, thrusting up into me as much as he can. Again I ride fast and then slow, driving him crazy. He’s now had enough.

“Untie me now,” he strongly demands. I turn around and see the feral look in his eyes and laugh.

“Come and get me, if you want more!” I tease him, I remove myself from his lap, I watch his cock impressively bounce as it is released. I turn around, I give him a full view of my open fucked cunt, and then I squeeze my voluptuous breasts in his face. He rotates his wrists and realises he can free himself. He shakes his ankles and again realises that they are tied in such a way that he can now slip entirely free.

He immediately bursts from his bonds, grabs me and sweeps my entire body off the floor and onto my back on the dining room table behind. I am thrilled with his urgent desire. I squeal, which turns into a yell as he spreads open my legs and thrusts his swollen raging cock deep inside my sticky cunt. He then throws my legs around his waist and grabs onto the sides of the table for better grip and fucks into me brutally and mercilessly. My wild screams and lusting groans come in fast short bursts, in time with his frantic penetrating thrusts. My orgasms are immediate, coming fast, rolling, one on top of the other. My horny cunt contracts around his cock in desperation, my intense writhing body making it so hard for him to keep orgasmic control.

I look him in the eyes and whisper my naughty contrition into his ear, “Cum for me baby, cum deep inside my moist open cunt, fill me, flood me with your sweet cum!"

It’s all he fucking needed to hear and he moans long and deep as he swells even larger and obliges my lusting wishes. I am driven to one last gasping orgasm myself, his pulsing and throbbing cock and the intense feel of his hot thick cum shooting deep inside, filling, flooding my raging body. He is done, he collapses to one side so as not to crush me and I lay feather-light kisses along his cheek, my legs still wrapped around his waist. His lusting creamy load leaking gently from my spent body, I am done...I am well and truly done...