Written by Happy husband

5 Apr 2017

One of Donna's best "adventures" wasn't planned.

We went to her cousin's wedding and really weren't expecting anything to happen. Then we met Toby. he was 18 and the brother of the groom. He was just what Donna likes; young and fit.

At the reception she told me she was wet just looking at Toby but she knew she would never have him.

When we went to our room that night she insisted I fuck her hard and she would call me Toby. I went down on her shaved pussy for a long time . I fucked her and came in her pussy three times.

Next day we were out shopping. Donna was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a button up blouse with three buttons undone. No bra of course. In a shop we saw Toby. He told us his parents had gone to visit some old friends and he had decided to stay and rest after the wedding. He said they would be gone most of the day. We asked him to spend the day with us.

After an hour we went back to the hotel (Toby was staying there as well). In the lift Donna undid the rest of her blouse and Toby was getting excited. She grabbed one of his hands and put it on her breast. At the same time she put her other hand down his pants.

We got out at our floor and walked to our room. Luckily there was no one in sight or they would have seen Donna take off her blouse and give it to me as she still had her hand down Toby's pants. Once inside she got his pants off quickly, stripped his shirt off and her shorts and dropped to her knees. I could see the pleasure on Toby's face as his cock disappeared down her throat.

Five minutes later they were in the bedroom. Donna left the door open so I could watch as this 18 year old fucked her hard, as she rode his cock in many positions, as he fucked her ass and came in all her holes more then once.