3 Jul 2020

Enjoy the background, its necessary and will help you understand the journey. Completely true and very recent.

Some women just have 'it'. That look, that twinkle in their eye, the way they move, their affinity with men. You can't teach it, you can't learn it, its natural to them and when you spot it then you know its just a matter of time.

First time I saw her, in a coffee shop with some other 'ladies who do lunch', dressed smart in a tight white blouse which showed off her large breasts, nice jeans emphasising a shapely bottom. I knew some of the others and as we all chatted I saw that glint, that sign that I have learnt over the years that say, "I am a sexy woman and I love men wanting." As we were all chatting she asked if I wanted to see a picture of her two girls, fuck yes I thought and smiled in anticipation, only to be disappointed when it was a picture of her two little dogs. I said so, she giggled and winked, it was on....she had it, I now knew it, it was just how, when, where?

I assumed she was married, her hubby and her living a very nice lifestyle in a lovely home, just the two of them and her 'girls'. Over the next few weeks I fantasised about somehow visiting her home while hubby was out do do some jobs around the house, always culminating in me requiring a shower, her catching me nude and then erect and then she would fall to her knees engulfing my hard cock with her sexy pretty married mature mouth. It got more and more intense, more filthy, her taking my cock and cum in every hole, eventually her hubby finding out and she telling to just accept it and watch while we fucked and sucked with wild abandon and she accepted my cock and cum in her arse while poor hubby felt useless to stop it all.

Over a period of weeks, months we saw each other, in coffee shops, in local bars, a smile of acknowledgement, a friendly hello, always that sexy glint in her eye. She was always with friends, assumed family but never with hubby. In a local bar I said hello and sat down and chatted with her while she sat on her own, reading a book and we just small talked. She wasn't married, she didn't live in a nice part of town in a lovely home, she was a divorcee, pensioner, living on her home in her family home after her mum passed, just her, her two 'girls' and her memories. She had children and grandchildren so I said she must have been called a GILF a few times. Seeing her quizzical look I explained, Grandmother I'd Love to Fuck!! She laughed and aid no, she doubted that at her age anyone would find her attractive let alone sexy. That was the hook for me, she wanted me to tell her that was exactly what I thought, but I didn't, it was a very sensual game we were playing. She had that 'brassy blonde' look, for those who may remember it was the Bet Gilroy barmaid look from Coronation Street, sexy looking but with a smart mouth and a quick response. After that our chats became more frequent, more flirty, it became obvious that more and more she gravitated to me when she entered, we enjoyed each others company and shared a naughty flirtatious sense of humour. We both found a liking for Gin and one day, after she needed help with her home Internet connections I offered to help, with the promise of a gin tasting session after.

A year after first seeing this sexy, big titted blonde mature GILF I turned up at her home, greeted by her in casual clothes and a cup of tea I set to sorting out her internet and her iPad and her laptop and other IT stuff. It was easy enough if you have been using the internet since 1993 like me but for her was still a new concept. I finished up and she was very grateful, touching my hands and saying how clever I was, flattery gets her everywhere :). I mentioned the Gin, she smiled and took me into her lounge and we sat while she put a couple of bottles of different Gin and some tonic down and aid, "Where shall we start? We had a couple of glasses and I noticed her neck going red, she was very touchy feely and her eyes were looking so damn sexy, the Gin was taking hold and so I pressed ahead. "When was the last time you had sex?". She feigned shock and smiled but then said, "God knows, probably 6 or so years ago....too long....I'm too old." I flattered her, "no way, you are never too old and even so, you have a great body, lots of guys must come onto you.". So it started, the ping pong chat of flirting, praising each other, raising the stakes of sexual banter, exploring each others sexual background. "So, what do you do now for sex?" I asked. "Self sufficient" she replied laughing and playing at being a bit embarrassed. I pressed again, "Do you miss being fucked?" "Yes......a lot". She then said, "Is there some sexual tension in the air here? Are we both thinking the same thing?" "I think we are..." I leaned over and kissed her, she kissed back, wrapping her arms around me as our tongues danced against each other. I pulled back, looked at her, she smiled and pulled me back in as I reached under her jumper and felt her large tits encased in her bra. We got more and more excited, kissing, touching, our breathing coming in gasps as we were getting more and more turned on by our kissing and foreplay. "Stop". She pulled back. I looked puzzled. "We can't do this.....not here." She got up and walked towards what I now know was her bedroom, "well" she said, "Coming or what?".

It was frantic, it was passionate, it felt like being teenagers in a first fuck session. Her big tits were shown her in all their magnificent splendor, her pussy, light downy haired, the lips spread with her wetness and my cock, hard, needy and poised at her pussy. This was a hard aggressive first fuck, no time for foreplay or the exploration of our bodies. We both wanted this, we both needed this and we did it. We fucked, her crying with passion as I fucked her hard and deep, kissing her and telling her how much I have wanted this. It seemed like ages...but it was probably over in about 5 minutes. But that 5 minutes was spectacular, I came deep inside her mature wet pussy with such force as she kissed me and told me to "Fill me up, shoot it all inside me". We fell apart, breathing heavy, covered in sweat, smiling at our actual completion of mutual fantasy needs. We made small talk, as we did she started to rub her arse against my cock, it was working, I was getting hard again, she was looking at me and smiling as my dick was getting hard and as it did she turned away from me. I took that bait, I grabbed her arse and slid my cock deep inside her wet cum filled pussy and we fucked again, slower, more sensual, kisses more intermittent as we relaxed into the rhythm. We both came again and relaxed into each others arms. We showered together, got dressed and went back into the lounge. We both knew this was the start, we both knew the mutual attraction, the mutual sexual needs. I left and smiled as I walked home.

Over the next few weeks, months we met when we could, we saw each other socially but our sexual trysts were secret, no one knew. It was our little secret, the secret winks and smiles which no one else saw. Day time fun involved her waiting for me, dressed in sexy little nighties, leaving little to the imagination as I fucked her in every room, bent over the kitchen table, fucked on her sofa, taking her doggy style in the shower. I loved sucking her big tits and hard nipples, she cried with joy as I feasted on her pussy and clit with my mouth and tongue, making her cum all over my face. She reciprocated, taking my full length into her mouth, in fact it was only our second meeting when she sucked me dry, taking all my cum in her pretty mouth and swallowing the lot. We were getting more open, revealing previous sexual experience and exploits, talking naughty as we fucked, she was initially pretty quiet but became quite used to telling me to 'Oh fuck, thats so good, please suck my clit, make me cum all over your tongue'. "Oh fuck yes, fill me up, god I love your big cock!". We were fucking regularly, all was going well, the last session was the best. As we were halfway through a good fuck, she stopped me and reached into her bedside drawer and grabbed the lube. Every now and then we used it to make it more comfortable for her, as a 70 yr old GILF a wet pussy wasn't always a given. She looked at me and smiled. It was a different smile, it was knowing, it was a smile of approval...I had been waiting for that smile for ages. I took the lube and rubbed it all around her pussy, I rubbed it all around my cock. I took more, I rubbed it around her lower pussy lips and then around her arse. As I did she just smiling, I took that as a yes, I entered her arse with my finger, slowly, gently, in and out and then starting to expand her tight arse with my finger as she started giving subtle moans of pleasure, her eyes now closing as she was exploring in her mind exactly what this would lead to. I grabbed her thighs and pushed her legs even higher back, her arse was level with my cock and I slowly aimed. I had to take my time, I had to be gentle. She was trusting me, I had to reward that trust. I was teasing her arse with my cock, just gently using all that lube to tempt her ring and get used to the thickness of my cock. She then grabbed my hips....I stayed still and as I did she pushed her arse against my cock. She was now driving, she was taking my cock inch by inch into her tight mature sexy 70 year old arse and she was still smiling. Me? I was in sex heaven!!

I suggested we try the spoon position, as she got on her side I lay behind her and then entered her arse with my cock, slowly but firmly. I stopped...she then moved, she started the fuck, she started moving in circles to feel more of me in her arse. She was taking more and more every time until after about a minute my cock was balls deep inside her arse and she was taking it and fucking it. I grabbed her hips and fucked her back, kissing her neck and telling her how naughty she was. "Where is my cock?" I asked her. "Up my arse" she replied. "This won't be the only time " I told her as I started to fuck her harder, thrusting my big dick into her as we both gasped with the whole naughty, filthy, but fucking horny situation.

Oh yes, some women just have it. That look is priceless.

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