Written by nicraywhore

5 Jan 2012

The last older guy we met was a fat red haired four eyed husband of 30 years to a wife that stopped putting out 5 years earlier who I met online 6 months ago! He msged us first stating something like "If your hot wife takes cock in her ass I'm willing to pay $200 if I can stretch your whore's ass with my lonely throbbing fat cock! My wife hasnt even fucked me for 5 years and she never took it anally!"

We arent looking for money at all but that msg got me so hard just thinking about whoring out her ass to this dirty old married bloke I sent him my mobile number and offered to give him I go to fuck her up the ass free of charge! I showed my girl a pic of the bloke and she realised he worked with her father when she was a teenager, she said he always grabbed her ass at family gatherings and would constantly stare at her tits when he spoke to her. Hearing all this I told her she was going to let him fuck her up the ass while I watched and that I gave him my mobile number.

A few minutes later he txted me and I replied telling him my wifes name and how she remembered him from working with her dad etc... His next txt begged me to meet up asap, he added how he remembered her always dressed really slutty in short skirts and how he liked dreaming about fucking her tight little ass when he wanked his dick! I gave him our address and invited him round right away as our kids where asleep!

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He didnt want anything else at all just that she get on all fours on the dinning room floor in her short school skirt topless so he could cum all over her tits when he was ready! She got down on the floor waving her ass in the air and giggling like a school girl still sucking her lollipop! Old mate got on his knees behind her pulled out his fat cock and lifted her skirt pulling aside her g-string then he pressed the head of his dick up against her ass before spitting on her ass and his cock then he forced his dick hard and deep inside her!!! I watched as he slammed my wife bareback up the ass with his fat gut bouncing around until he was ready to explode! Than he stood up and grabbed her by her pigtails with one hand and pulled his cock with the other telling her he wanted to cum all over her face before actually spewing semen from his dick in her hair one eye and in her mouth!!!