Written by goatieguy

16 Mar 2013

this is a true story,when i was 22 ,i just moved out of home and into a unit ,well the niebours were nice and friendly , and the cple next door were very nice ,Kelly was 26 beautiful and her partner Steve about 30 slim but nicely toned,Kelly was a bit of a flirt and me being young and male loved it , well over the next few weeks,she was even flirting in front of steve , and i wasnt sure how to react but went with it , well one day Steve said come over for drinks saturday nite , and i took up the offer, saturday rolled around and i went over with my scotch in hand , and we started drinking, kelly still flirting as we sat in thier lounge drinking and talking about everthing and anything ,we were getting drunk but not plastered, well the conversation turned to sex and both showed alot of interest to what i was saying , and kelly sitting next to me on the lounge was now touching and rubbing my back, which i liked ,but her man was sitting at the other end of the lounge and watching with a grin, well after about 30 mins , kelly stood up and said ,,,,"im going to pee and put my pj's on ,

as she left the room Steve said ,she likes you , and i sheepishly said i can see , and he answered quickly its ok mate ,WE are swingers ,, i dont mind sharing her , my jaw nearly hit the floor ,as she returned to the lounge she was wearing only a very tight t shirt and satin boxer shorts, and she asked what we were talking about ,,,, and Steve said ,just told Rob we're swingers, which put a smile on her face ,and the conversation continued, well they asked a few questions like have you ever had a 3 some to which i replied not yet but would love one (thinking they meant mfm),really kelly replied , and steve realised and said what about mmf ,and with a few drinks under my belt said ,i thought about it and would try it 1 day, then kelly said ,(and i will never forget it ), would you have a 3 some with us ,,,,, and i said yes,with a grin

well steve said how about now , and got up and said ill put a porno on to get the mood ,kelly and i were sitting on the lounge beside each other, and steve returned and sat the other side of her as the movie started kelly was rubbing both our inner thighs and making us both hard , and i put my hand on her leg and steve did the same , well steve was reaching to her boobs and tweeking her nipples through her shirt , he then with 1 hand removed her shirt revealling the nicest tits id ever seen,well kelly's legs parted a bit as she turned to kiss steve's neck letting me rub her wet pussy through the boxers ,i felt a little odd at first as steve was right there, then his hand cupped my hand as he pushed my hard to her pussy ,then continueing rubbing her tits,after a few mins kelly stood up faced us and in a sexy way slide her boxers off revealing a beautiful shaved pussy, ,and said to both of us am i the only 1 getting naked, and i paused ,but steve stood up and was naked in an instant , both standing in front of me naked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,