Written by HarryToowoomba

8 Jan 2015

I had always had a high sex drive, and although the sex at home was good, I needed more and wanted variety. Doesn't make me a great person morally and I accept that but my desires dominate me and I must say I do like that.

It was 2003, I was 32 and had just changed jobs into managing a sales business. I had a big office, computer on my desk which I had never had before and a fair bit of time up my sleeve. When I first started I had no idea how to use a computer, but quite quickly with the help of staff I picked it up and even sent my first email.

Little did I realise that this was now a new opening into a world of meeting similar people with the same urges and desires I had and craved. As I am extremely shy, I always found it hard to see if people liked me, particularly men, as I had a previous interesting experience with a male friend who I thought was into me only to be rejected. This made me a little gunshy to say the least, but now my world was open to communicating and learning lots about other people before that first face to face meeting - a world I certainly loved.

I found an early chat site and went in not much happening - spoke to horny women but they were all too far away! I used to have to go and masterbate in the toilets after everyone had left work as I was so hard and turned on by conversations that I needed to be relieved. This became very frustrating as I couldn't find any local people back then, and I considered not doing it anymore as it was just making me frustrated - believe me, any of the females in my office had of come into my office at the wrong time they may have ended up with a cock shoved down there throat!

Anyway, one day I received an email from a Tracey who said she was local and wanted a chat - we organised a time when we would both be on the site and went from there.

Tracey was just like me, married happily but needed more as she really loved cock. She had met a few guys online and told me stories about fucking and sucking them, one guy she fucked in a storeroom in a hardware shop, another guy a policeman dropped around to her house on night while hubby was working out of town and fucked her 3 times in an hour she said!

My cock was so hard talking to her, she told me everything, craved a 3some, swallowed, did anal, everything! It was driving me crazy and I said I had to meet her and as soon as possible!

The only problem was she could only do night time when hubby was away and I could only do through the day!

We organised eventually to meet at 6pm one night, her 3 year old was with her mum telling her she was shopping and I said I had a late meeting so we were set.

I arrived and to my surprise I was very nervous, she had the door unlocked and I could see her watching as I walked to the front door. She told me it was unlocked and to come in, and she sounded nervous as well. She asked if I would like a cup of tea, which I agreed and she moved to the kitchen and turned on the jug. I walked behind her, and moved behind her and put my arms around her, gently feeling her curves and moving to her gorgeous ample breasts. She was standing at the kitchen bench and I felt a wave of euphoria come over me as I kissed her necked and then felt her ass in front of me. I was in an animal like frenzy, I had to fuck her now straight away so I lifted her dress and pulled her g banger down, unzipped my pants and in what seemed like one straight action thrust my bulging cock into her delightfully juicy dripping pussy. I was inside her and pushed her down onto the bench, she was moaning with excitement and I could tell she was loving my rough and animalistic actions as I thrust inside her only to explode massive streams of my love juice inside of her, she came at the same time and let out a faint scream which was such as turn on I kept thrusting some more.

It was funny was the water then boiled, so in the time it took for the water to boil I had fucked her over the bench and filled her sumptuous love canyon with my hot love lava. I apologised quite embarrassed, saying I was sorry for being so quick, and she said what are you talking about that was amazing. I felt almost like I was being raped!!

She said don't worry cutie, I ain't finished with you yet! This made my member start to move again and she took off all of my clothes and hers and led me to the shower.

She had some wonderful lotion which she rubbed all over me and pulled my cock making it hard again. In our previous chats on the computer I had told her of my bisexuality and this really seemed to turn her on. She had a surprise for me when she turned me around and with the lotion on her hands she poceeded to finger me, one then two then three fingers, this made me so hard and I was moaning with delight saying yes, yes, yes everytime she inserted another finger. At this stage I screamed I'm cumming! And she quickly spun me around fingers still inserted and took my second load down her throat moaning and telling me how delicious I tasted. She removed her fingers and we dried off, taking me to her bed where she again told me to lay down, grabbed some lube she had in her draw and smeared my ass with it again, then pulled out a large black dildo and showed me and said, it's your lucky day! I was a little scared but excited at the same time! I said fuck me with it, and she said how turned on she was but I had to lick her pussy first which I didn't hesitate as I pushed her down and dove straight into her juicy mash which still had my juices running out. I loved the taste of my cum inside her and cleaned her up. As I was doing this she moved under me and took my bulging cock in her mouth once again. I then felt her fingers move to my ass and once again enter - my favourite sexual feeling of all! Then

I felt the large black dildo at my entry and I told her to take me slowly at first while it was entering or she would split me in two! I kept licking her juicy tasty pussy, and now had my cock down her throat and and large dildo inside of me. I was in heaven! She asked if I was satisfied and between moans said all I need is a cock in my mouth and I would be in bliss. She said how about this and stuck her fingers deep in my ass the put them in my mouth. It was the most erotic thing ever and she could sense I was about to blow my final load, telling me to hold off it was her turn.

She rolled into her back, her large tits bouncing about and I licked her nipples. She told me to get the lube and rub it into her ass and then fuck her. I decided I had better lick her first, and rimmed her like she had never been rimmed before. I then lubed her up and entered her slowly, my cock rock hard again now and within a minute my juice, although a smaller load than my first two loads shot out of her hole as I removed my spent tool. She lay there panting as i licked my juices from her ass and then collapsed beside her on the bed.

Was I better than the policeman I said, she smiled and said we were a lot more kinkier! I did cum three times though, that was my goal!

I had a quick shower and left. We met a few times more after that but she eventually divorced and then remarried.