Written by Gagless

2 Jun 2011

I'd been speaking with "T" online for months now and we finally had a chance to meet up (she lived 600ish kms away) as I was traveling to her town for work. We caught up at the motel I was staying in around 8 and went out for some drinks and dinner.

The night went well, it was getting close to 1am and we had both had a fair few drinks... That's when something unexpected happened... I went to the bathroom for a moment and when I came back out this guy was trying to chat her up at the bar, I came over and sat back down next to her and she introduced him and we all started chatting. As the night went on and we continued to tour the towns watering holes the new guy became a full time attachment. Around the 4am mark I was again coming out of the bathroom when I noticed them kissing, I was a bit taken aback at this, as we hadn't kissed yet and I had been chatting with her and I thought getting along pretty damn well for months... However as soon as I got to our table he then had to run off to the bathroom as well and as soon as he was out of sight she was all over me...

5am rolled around and everything was closing up, we were getting a taxi to go back to the motel when she popped the question on if her new friend "bill" could crash on the floor too as he came from the town over, I agreed as I just wanted to get back to the motel and get busy.

As soon as we got there he litterally crashed on the sofa and we both got into bed, it wasn't long before we started to fool around kissing each other, and before I knew it she had her lips around my cock... After we had been going for a few minutes she whisper to me about how she always wanted to try a threesome with two guys and asked if she could invite her friend from the sofa. I agreed.

She walked over to him in all her glory and started to wake him up by kissing his neck and slowly making her way down his body. He certainly responded and soon they were going at each other something fierce, I reminded them there was a nice comfy bed over here and they came back and continued from where they left off. He was lying on his back, head on the pillows and she was giving him the blowjob of his life, she asked me to do her doggy while she worked her magic and I really wasn't about to say no :)

After a while of this we swapped it up and he only lasted around 5 seconds (at least I won out in that department) after which he headed straight back to his favourite sofa and feel asleep again. We kept going at it for another 30 minutes, then another round after that before she too started to fall asleep. Figuring the party was over for the night I retreated to have a quick shower.

Upon re-entering the room I found her riding him on the sofa like her life depending on it, she called me over and starting to suck my cock as well and we both finished around the same time.

Finally it was actually time for sleep, certainly the wierdest first date I'd ever had :)