Written by julialoves

23 Nov 2017

a great guy friend I see now and then took me to my first swingers night, I looked great perfumed to attract, there were about 30 couples and 8 single guys that I saw counted to me that's uge , but night went well few drinks , finger food then my guy took me to spa room wet spa hot as but dimmed it was like walking into a dark room , suddenly ten sets of hands feel u omg I was tingling, we went to common room later after getting breasts sucked pussy licked by how many it was good I was super horny so this room had a huge round leather bed I was relaxing in its coolness when George ask me do u know what total satisfaction is, I said great fuck , no he said these guys want to show u about totally pleasure of ur body at same time . I'm up for it I said, then a guy lay under me I took his cock in my pussy was nice hard big then I was leant forward so guy 2 took me anally lucky ive down that before the smell of amyl was rife in room was heady with it , then still leaning forward I had to suck a cocks , all going ok nice pace slow easy going then 2 guy sit beside me sucking a boob each now I was going places . the pace crept up I was having my third orgasim heading for many , the heat of bodied going at it really got me on a multiple orgasim one after the other 20 min fast fucking sucking I nearly chomped poor guys cock I was sucking I lost count of how many times I came, the smell of amyl was really getting me going guys too they all went at it fast as I then passed out fainted , my guy who brought me watched on as guys all finished coming then a min or two later I awoke was hot so sweaty but totally fucked lol pardon the pun you girls should try it sensational. make sure theres fan cooling u though , ive done it since I love it now great party trick lol