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First time MMM

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5 min
Published 8 years ago
It was already after 1AM and I’d been hanging around the ‘bi guys’ room here most of the night, chatting a bit, but mostly just watching the cam action. Feeling pretty horny but with no apparent action my way I was about to wank, log-off and go to bed when a new cam opened. Martin was slim and smooth all over. He was already quite hard when his cam opened and my own cock twitched in appreciation as I watched him stroke himself. Suddenly came the familiar sound of a whisper notification and I was surprised to see it was from Martin. “hi” ‘hi yourself” I replied, then soon after “nice cock” “what are you doing?” “i was going to bed before you came on” “what do you like?” What the hell, I thought. “I like your cock” “do you play?” Martin replied. “sure” “do you want to?” We swapped details and before too long I was taking the – as it turned out – short drive to Martin’s address. Being quite late and still a little warm and me being horny as all fuck I drove with just a t-shirt on and nothing else. I saw Martin was waiting for me on the footpath outside his house as I pulled up the car. Taking a deep breath I opened the door and got out, my semi-erect cock on full display. “Well somebody’s keen I see” said Martin as I walked towards him, extending my hand in greeting. Rather than shake my hand though, Martin pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips. Despite all my years of playing with guys, I’d never kissed one before so this was something of a new experience for me – an experience which judging by my hardening cock I enjoyed. He took me inside and soon we were both completely naked and laying on his bed. Not one for small talk I was soon sucking Martin’s cock and licking his hairless balls. Taking his cock from my mouth I wrapped my lips tightly around his shaft and ran my mouth along its length. Martin enjoyed this quite a bit and expressed his appreciation with a load moan. Laying Martin flat on his bed I knelt between his legs and took his cock back in my mouth, my ass now in the air as if waiting to be fucked. “Mind if I join in?” came a voice from behind. Surprised and a bit embarrassed at being caught I quickly jumped off the bed. “This is my partner James” said Martin, reaching out a hand to me. “I think he’d like to fuck you”. It turned out that James had been watching from the doorway for some time whilst I sucked Martin, my ass prone. S it also turned out, he did indeed want to fuck me. “Sure, he can fuck me” I replied. All of a sudden this early morning had gotten a whole lot more interesting. Martin and I assumed our previous positions - his cock in my mouth and my ass in the air. Soon I felt the familiar tingle of cold lube on my asshole as James teased me with his finger. I wriggled my ass in anticipation and soon after I felt James enter me for the first time. Fuck me! I’ve had some interesting things up my ass before but James’ cock was by far the fattest and I grunted slightly as he pushed inside me. “Big, isn’t he” said Martin – stating the obvious in reply to my grunt. All I could concentrate on was the cock in my ass and so I took Martin’s cock from my mouth and lay my head on the bed, pushing my ass higher in the air. Not one to miss an opportunity, James put his hands on both on my hips and holding on, fucked me even harder. It hurt, but in that really good way and I couldn’t help but moan. “Why don’t you sit on him?” offered Martin after a little while. James pulled out of my ass and sat on the edge of the bed, giving me the first look at his monster cock. Seriously, that’d look more at home on a horse I thought to myself! Rather than face away from James I mounted facing him, our faces only centimetres apart. Wrapping his arms around me, James now took a turn to kiss me. Breaking our kiss I started to move up and down on his cock as Martin positioned himself between us - his hard cock now between our mouths. James took Martin in his mouth first, then I did – sitting as far down on James’ cock as I could whilst I sucked Martin. We stayed this way for a little while before Martin announced he was close to cumming. At that James moved in to kiss me once more whilst Martin wanked himself. Not for the first time, I got the distinct impression these two had done this before - not that I minded one bit. With a load moan Martin unloaded on both James’ and my faces. I just love cum and quickly turned and opened my mouth to catch the last spurts. Not quite satisfied I proceeded to lick the remaining cum from James’ face. “My turn now” said James and suggested I resume my original prone position. “Martin, why don’t you take care of our guest” he added and with that Martin lay under me and proceeded to lick my cock head. Only a few thrusts later James’s pushed deep inside my ass and held himself there as he filled his condom with cum. Feeling is cock throb inside me, I couldn’t take anymore and started cumming myself – some in Martin’s mouth, the rest over his bedspread. The three of us lay on the bed together for only a short time and exhausted, but completely satisfied, I put my shirt back on and headed home – my naked and thoroughly fucked ass in full view to my new friends as I left.

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