22 May 2016

I first met Michelle officially when she was when she was transferred to my dept at work. I was 36 years of age and was manager of quite a large department. I had noticed her around the place but had only ever said hello. She was a skinny young thing that had a very pretty smile. I had limited knowledge of her at the time apart from knowing she hadn't been with the company for long and I was under the impression she had started as a junior as she looked about 15-16.

A few weeks later she came to me and said that she needed to arrange some time off soon for doctors appointments as she had just found out she was pregnant. I tried to be supportive but just ended up embarrassing myself. It turns out that she was actually 25 and married and already had a child. Stunned wasn't the word,i could not believe that she could be that old let alone have a kid already....she had the body of a girl not the body of a woman.

As the weeks and months went by you could barely tell she was pregnant and only really started to show towards the end.

Michelle then went on leave and i wished her well, not really having spent much time with her.

About 3 months later I received a phone call from her asking me to be a referee for her as she needed to transfer. it turns out that it was only an excuse to call me as she told me then that she liked me. i was a bit taken back by that knowing that she was married and just had another kid to him.

We arranged to meet for a coffee and I was curious as to what was going to happen.

When Michelle walked into the cafe i almost didn't recognize her, it was the first time i had ever seen her not wearing her work uniform. The clothes she was wearing made her look so young and she was so skinny again and didn't even look like she had a kid only a couple of months before. She was wearing a singlet and a tight pair of denim shorts showing off her sexy skinny legs

She told me that her marriage was unhappy and she was thinking about leaving him as he had had an affair on her while she was pregnant. She told me she was attracted to me and i told her that i was also attracted to her but didn't do anything about because she was married. I received a phone call from work and had to leave, I gave Michelle my address and told her that if she needed anything to just call.I didn't really expect to hear from her for a while,but thought it would be great to take advantage of the situation as i really wanted to fuck her...but didn't really want the baggage that came with it

Imagine my surprise when about 8pm that night Michelle knocked on my door. At first i thought it was a friend of my housemate as i wasn't expecting anyone.

Michelle wanted to talk privately so i took her to my bedroom so we could chat. Before i could really say anything she kissed me and then looked at the bed.

I couldn't believe my luck,Michelle started to strip in front of me. I hid my disappointment pretty well when she took her top off though. I knew she only had small breasts but when her t shirt and bra came off her chest was completely flat,but her nipples were so erect.She took off her panties revealing a nice hairy bush. The only evidence that she had a just recently had a child was the C-section scar on her tummy. her tummy was so flat and her tits non existent i still couldn't believe she had 2 kids. She was barely a size 6 and only stood at 5'2 I was too horny to care though. She was standing in front of me naked and i knew i was about to fuck her.

She grabbed my cock and started to suck it. She was a very good cock sucker and i could tell that she had certainly had experience, I even thought she may have been a hooker by the way she did it.

I sucked on her little tits taking her whole tit in my mouth, i soon worked out that her nipples were super sensitive. After sucking on her tits i moved down to her hairy pussy and started to finger it, damn she still felt tight. I was dying for a taste. Her pussy was as tasty as it looked. As i was eating her out she asked me if i wanted to play with her arse. Of course i agreed and started to finger her arse while i was eating her out She came for the first time. My cock couldn't take it any more, i needed to fuck this angel that was moaning as i was fingering and eating her. I realized that i didn't have any condoms, but she said not to worry about it. being so horny i didn't give it a second thought. I lay her on her back and spread her legs. God she was gorgeous just spread like that. I put the tip of my cock at the edge of her pussy and slowly slid it in. God she was so tight it felt like heaven and i was sure i was going to blow too quick.

I fucked her deep and slow and felt her cum again. She then begged me to fuck her doggy style. When she got on all fours i nearly blew my load all over her cheeks. Fuck what an arse on her...definitely the best arse I had seen for a very long time, so petite, I slid in to her pussy quite easily this time and started to slowly fuck her doggy. I was going gentle as she was so petite i thought I would break her when she begged me to go harder. I fucked her hard doggy for a few minutes when she came again, this time quite loudly I knew my housemate would have heard. She lay back on her back again and I fucked her again missionary. She came quickly again. I needed to cum so bad so i pulled out and squirted my load all over her flat little chest.

Michelle had turned out to be a nice little fuck, much better than I thought. She was also nearly 12 years younger than me and I wasn't really in her league.

I figured that she was just using me to get revenge on her hubby...which suited me just fine.She had a wicked little body on her and was awesome in bed.

I just planned on taking advantage of the situation while it lasted however long that maybe. After I had cum all over her i got the impression that she still wasn't done even though she had cum at least 4 times that i knew of. She was definitely a little firecracker and the thought went through my head that if she ever came over again I might invite my housemate in to help. I was happy to use her whilst she was available and for however long she wanted to be mad at her husband. I wasn't interested in anything further since she was married with 2 kids, but was hoping i could at least fuck her a couple more times. She was the best fuck I had in years.

Somehow I ended up marrying her..must have been the power of her pussy.