Written by dirtybull

7 Jan 2014

today while at my local swimming hole, something reminded me of this time last year. this is that story. they turned up later in the day when it usually quiet as most tourists have left and i didnt realise they were there. i usually keep an eye out for people so i can cover up if i think they will be offended by my nudity. anyway i continued reading my book while they were swimming and after a while they had climbed out near the waterfall and must have realised i was naked and had taken there clothes off too and were laying on the rocks near where the cascade comes down. when the time came for me to cool off i swam over to a submerged rock ledge that i usually sit on which is about 10 feet from where they were laying. after saying hi and having a chat, i found out they were both german and in there early thirties. anyway they hopped back in and came and sat on the ledge with me, and then it started to get interesting. karen reached over and felt under the water to see if i was hard, ( i only had a slight chubby, she was very hot but i wasnt thinking about what might happen as i was just enjoying my swim and their company up till then ) and then she said to peter that he loses. i said you must be kidding, hes hung like a horse ( was a thick 10 inches when he got hard ). then she said, no, they had made a bet that i was sitting there with a hardon under the water and peter bet her that i was. then he said please stand up or i wont believe her. i was fully erect by now and said i was too lazy to stand, why dont you feel for your self which he did and then said to karen i told you so. she then looked at me and smiled and had another feel and said shame on me for making her look like a liar. seeing as peter had started stroking my shaft i reached over and felt his enormous weapon. they said something to each other in german and got back out of the water. peter lay down on his back while karen impaled herself on him facing me. when i got out of the water, she took me in her mouth and started working my shaft. i couldn't stand it, i had to taste them, so i went down and started licking her while she was being fucked. mmm so tasty and such a magnificent show at the same time. next up i joined peter inside her as she leaned back to give me access and we all fucked untill we all had cum. as we were lying there exhausted, karen said what a mess we had made inside her, and someone should clean it up. no problems there with two willing males, and we both took turns eating her sweet pussy. then she asked if i like anal and i replied that i wasnt letting peter anywhere near my bum with that monster. she laughed and said her either, it's too big, but she enjoys it and would like me to fuck her anally as i was smaller and peter could fuck her pussy. i said no problems, then she said with a devilish look in her eyes, ok now suck each other hard so we can start. as peter and i were sucking each other karen was fingering her hole getting ready for me. when she couldnt stand it any longer she ordered me to fuck her, and i started fucking her arse doggy style while she started sucking peter. after i while i shot a load inside her and she told me off until she realised i was staying hard and still good to go. she got me to stop and lay on my back and mounted herself back on my cock and we fucked like this for a short while and the she ordered peter to start fucking her pussy. her tight cum filled arse was heaven, but as soon as peter entered her pussy, it was a whole other world and felt fantastic. when we finished we went and cooled off in the water and i said thanks for the afternoon and asked what there plans were. unlucky for me, they had to leave that night to catch a boat to the islands the next morning

maybe this time next year i'll tell you what happened today :)