20 Jan 2016

So a time was finally made for a coffee date with Kate after many txt messages to fix a time and day. Feelings of mixed emotion were running through my mind of will she like us, will we like her , will we have that “click”.

We drove up to the carpark a few minutes early, yeah is a Gaz thing, always early. As we parked up, Ellie and I both looked at a car parked 2 bays down and wondered is that Kate?Oooh she looks kind of cute was my initial thought, hoping that she was as nice as she looked. A casual glance and a wave between Ellie and Kate sort of put that one to bed. I did see a slight smile from both of them as eyes met , so we had a few quick courtesy words in the carpark and ambled over to the coffee club.

Where to sit was raised knowing that some discretion would be warranted here. The girls chose well, coffee was ordered and the chat commenced, very casual at first the usual small talk we all go through (no not about the weather).

I sat back and let the girls chat about all sorts of stuff and I noted in my mind that there was a lot of eye contact between them, surely a good sign.

Soon the coffee club staff were clearing tables and the look of the hint to bugger off ,we’re closing were showing as this cute girl was clearing the tables. Her eyes widened a little as she overheard them talking about 3somes and girl / girl fun and she seemed to loiter around the tables longer than she had at other tables, I thought I was imagining it but she gave me a smile as if she knew something was happening.

I said well ladies I think they want to close the shop and make us go home (hint hint). I noted a sudden silence between us and casually made a suggestion to Ellie “well what are we going to do with this girl? I blurted out to Kate “our place its only across the road” (I was hoping there would be a yes) and I heard the answer “why not that sounds great”.

I had a plan in place I was making this up on the fly as most good guys do, I blurted out ok I’ll go home and make the house tidy, why not give me a few minutes and you girls can come home in a few minutes. I was off like a shot, my cock hardening at thought of what may happen as I drove. Excitement was welling up in my gut at the anticipation of what may happen between these two beautiful horny women. I was about to enter heaven again.

We sometimes use another site and it was here that I found Kate, her profile said she lived very close to us, a Bi lady, single and in our age group, a profile pic showed her to be a very beautiful woman, so I initially sent a quick hi to her stating who we were and we were keen to chat more. I did finish the message off with both Ellie & Gaz ,knowing if it was only from Gaz it would be a sure bet she would just bin it, as most women do.

To our surprise a msg appeared Hi Ellie and Gaz I am working tomorrow. Then I have a date tomorrow night. I maybe able to do Friday after work, damn I thought so I replied about my work timings etc. and so on it went until a time/date was agreed and numbers swapped. A quick call from ellie to Kate a few days later was made just to let her know we were a legit couple as we always do. I was curious to ask Ellie what was said and what were your thoughts ? Ellie said she sounds just like us, down to earth and well spoken (bonus thought Gaz).

So there I was hurriedly at home making the bed, hiding clothes in the laundry a quick spray of air fresher around the place just to make it feel fresher.

Time passed I thought where are these women, it’s been ages lol, (you girls know all about this) time isn’t important to you.

The car drove into the driveway and the two girls were chatting away like long lost friends, I was sort of half undressed, ok I had my shirt on but not much else, my cock was at half-mast and presented nicely for the girls to check out, but was casually ignored (dammit).

We chatted a while more then things just sort of happened, tops fell into a pile on the floor of the lounge body contact was forth coming and off we went into the bedroom.

I was in awe of two beautiful women giggling and exploring each other and I was just being cool and hanging back for fear of interfering in something where no man should go for fear of doing something stupid.

Do you mind if I take a few pics?, I asked.

Kate replied no way go ahead a quick nod and smile from Ellie was the sign all was well in the world, the atmosphere was thick with excitement as moans and groans of pleasure were in the air.

Kate was now between Ellies thighs touching and exploring every curve of her body, the look on Kate's face told me she was really loving this moment, as she looked up and said, "I thinki i have just found a new girl crush".

Ellies eyes were partly closed in a total state of euphoria ,a look of eternal pleasure was the only sign, hands clenching the bars on the bed head wanting more of what was happening. The more she groaned the further Kate was exploring Ellie, fingers running over Ellies new clit ring she bought on that very day. Another shudder came from Ellie as the clit and ring were toyed with between fingers and then Kates tongue.

This girl knew her way around a woman’s body were my thoughts. Ellies eyes never opened as another climax was beginning to rise, Kates tongue now ever deeper in Ellies pussy .

It soon hit the spot as Ellies thighs clamped around Kates head until the orgasm abated, but Kate hadn’t finished yet, her fingers began delving into Ellies pussy, two at first then three.

Kate asked if we had any lube, bingo it was in her hand before she could finish asking, after all a good man always come prepared lol, so with lube now on Ellies pussy and Kate's fingers, she began to delve ever deeper into Ellie.

Four fingers were in, Ellie was pushing back in total bliss.

I said to Kate, fold your thumb in to your palm and see what happens, to Kates total surprise her hand was vanishing in to Ellies pussy.

FUCK, I’ve never fisted a girl before, not this deep, she said. Kate was loving what she was doing I moved my fingers over her back along and down the crack of her bum and into her pussy, she was so wet pussy juices were flowing nearly as much as Ellie. Kate didn’t flinch as I shoved three fingers into her she gently started humping my fingers in motion with her fisting Ellie.

Ellie spasmed again as another orgasm overcame her ,shuddering and squirting on Kates hand. Kate was lapping at the juices coming from Ellies pussy, never flinching as I fingered her pussy which was getting very hot and juicy.

Slowly the intensity of this moment subsided, the two girls were breathing heavily from their play. My turn now says Ellie. Kate lay on her back, grabbing Ellie in a deep embrace, deep kisses were exchanged as Ellie began to explore Kates body, her tongue slithering down from her neck to her erect nipples, sucking them deeply until they hardened and stood erect.

Ellie moved further down Kates body, as he did her fingers and as they found Kates pussy, fingers were playing with Kate’s clit. Kate was shuddering with little spasms of pleasure, short gasps of breath and moans ensued from deep in her throat as Ellie kept rubbing her clit.

Ellie lubed her fingers and gently pushed one then two into Kates womanhood.

Kate was now raising her hips to meet Ellies fingers as she thrust them ever deeper into Kate. Juices were dripping from Kate as Ellie hit the spot in Kates pussy , shudders of another orgasm were welling inside of kate.

I went into our toy box and presented the Hitachi wand, I plugged it in and gave it to Ellie, I said try this on her clit. Kate looked to see what it was having never seen a toy like this before. I said to Kate “wait until this hits your clit hun” . Ellie switched it on, instantly Kate started wriggling in ecstasy as the Hitachi was hitting the very nerves on her clit, sending Kate into further spasms.

Ellie pushed 4 fingers into Kate while the Hitachi was grabbed from Ellies hands by kate who now was pressing it hard onto her clit and moaning in total bliss, never missing a beat.

As Ellie thrust her fingers deeper into Kates pussy, juices continued to flow even more now with all the attention Kate was getting, short gasps and moans ensued from Kates throat as another orgasm hit her, she shuddered as spasming hit again until both collapsed in total exhaustion, smiles and giggles, eyes never moving from each other’s stare, it seemed like hours before they came back to earth, laying together exhausted but very content in each other’s arms, neither wanting this moment to end, both looked at me and just smiled as I said, so would you girls like a cold drink?, Laughter and giggles were my reply with an “oh fuck off Gaz we’ll have a drink”.