5 May 2020

It was difficult seeing you across the foyer of the hotel, you were the last person I had expected to see at the Mayors Charity ball. I caught your eye and we smiled and nodded in polite surprise. I noticed you husband was by your side as my wife was also attending. We both went back to our pre dinner drinks and conversations with our guests. It wasn’t until we were ushered into the ball room that we both realised we had been sat at the same table and the palace cards had been laid out in a way that partners had been separated. Walking around the table both our partners found themselves their settings as you and I realised we were sitting opposite our partners and side by side.

To say I found the idea of sitting next to you at a dinner that our partners were also attending oblivious to the fact we knew each other was exceptionally arousing. You were dressed in a beautiful gown with a long slit up the left hand side displaying your beautiful legs. As it happed you seat was to my right. I was dressed as I normally do in my kilt so as we sat we touched skin on skin as we sat at the cramped round table.

The entrée was served and conversation around the table was interesting as most of the couple had never met. As you slowly ate your soup I felt your hand move from your lap to mine and then slowly push my kilt a little higher with each spoon full. All the while caressing the skin of my inner thigh until your fingers brushed against my balls.

I don’t know how you were doing it, looking across the table and laughing and chatting with the others as the table cloth was pushed back to hide you hand now stroking my cock as the gentleman on my left had left to chat at another table. Hard is an understatement. You nails ding into my cock gently as you stroked me slowly back and forth so as no one would know or suspect what you were doing.

The waiters came to clear the table and you place your hand back on the table. You stand and excuse yourself from the table and walk off to I could only assume was the bathroom. When you came back you sit down laugh at the end of you husbands joke you had heard many times before and as you do you place something on my lap ever so discreetly. When I get a chance I look down and realise it’s your lace g string knickers. I smile and tuck them into my sporran.

Dinner is served and as we finish and the table is being cleared you ask if the upstairs gallery is open overlooking the hall. The waiter replies yes and you ask if anyone else is interested in walking up and having a look. With no other takers I suggest that no woman should be alone and I decide to accompany you. I walk around the table and kiss my wife on the cheek.

We grab our wine glasses and we walk towards the entrance doors and then around and up the stairs of city hall to the balcony and then rather than into the main doors we walk along the long curved corridor to the last set of doors. At this point we are hidden because of the curve of the hall way and you turn and take my hand and pull me close. Kissing me deeply as your tongue dances with mine. I push open the door and its as if we are looking down on fairy land. The lights of the main ballroom are dimmed as all the tables have candles. Where we have walked into the upper balcony is almost in darkness by comparison to main hall.

You walk down to the railing and tell me to sit on the first chair, you step in front of me lean over the balcony and look at the crowd. You look over your shoulder and in the dim light of the balcony tell me to have an early desert as you pull you dress up exposing you naked rear. You know how much I love that sight and I lean forward placing my tongue in each of your holes as you wave to some one down stairs. I can hear you moan as I replace my tongue with my fingers and sit back to enjoy the view of my fingers disappearing into both your arse and pussy. I am hidden to those below by the height of the solid railing along with the dim lighting. You move back as if to sit, first pushing aside my sporran and then opening the front of my kilt. As you sit down I slide forward and the you guide my cock into your arse. We don’t have much time before we are missed you say and I cum so much quicker with a finger on my clit and you in my arse. You take me all the way inside you and then start to rise and fall on my cock, at first using the arms of the chair to help you rise and fall as I feel you already wet pussy start to leak juices over my balls.

Suddenly you stop and sit with me deep inside of you, you reach forward and grab your empty wine glass with one hand whilst you bring yourself to orgasm filling the glass as your do. As your orgasm subsides you lean back against me and tell me again how much you love me in your arse then you step up and straighten your dress and I my kilt. You hand me the wine glass with your juices and ask me if I will drink you. Always I say. You then tell me to take it with me to the table and drink it in front of everyone as if its wine.

Back at the table my crotch wet with your juices I sit and drink you as we both laugh along with the conversation of our table guest. Every now and again your hand on my lap.