Written by telfast

16 Feb 2011

I had heard about glory holes, seen a few on the porn sites and had always thought it was girls sucking guys. The idea of sticking my cock through a hole in a wall and getting a head job from someone I didn’t know did appeal to me.

I was in Sydney for business and had a few beers. I was walking back to my hotel when I saw a sex shop and feeling horny went in. I grabbed some change and went to the movie booths. I noticed the holes in the wall at cock height, but still proceeded to pull my cock out and play with it while watching porn movies.

I heard someone getting in next door and new that some one was watching me. I moved back a bit in the booth and dropped my pants and undies so that they could get a good view of my hard cock and arse. This was turning me on. The guy reached his fingers through the hole and I let him touch my cock and arse. This was my 1st male male contact. He motioned for me to put my cock in the hole. I did so and oh my god this guy could suck. The suction he created pulled my cock through the hole, my hips banging into the wall. It was the best head job I had experienced from any girl or my wife.

I was about to come, and became embarrassed, removed my cock and let the booth. Although horny as hell I felt strange coming in a guy’s mouth. All the same I went back to the hotel and wanked thinking about my cock in the guy’s mouth.

The next day I finished an appointment just after 3pm and walked back to the same place. I went into a booth knowing that the booths either side were occupied. I got hard watching two trannies playing with each other on the screen, knowing I was being watched. Next minute a thick hard cock appeared through the hole on my left. I grabbed it and starting playing with it. I was getting very hard. I knelt down and started sucking this large cock, my 1st cock sucking experience. I loved the taste and sucked hard creating the suction the guy had to me the previous day. The guy was moaning but I also heard another guy.

I noticed I was being watched through the other hole. A guy was wanking his cock watching me suck on the other guy. As I continued to suck the 1st guy I place my bare arse against the other gloryhole, letting the guy feel my hole. I was really enjoying this. There was lubricant in the booths, along with condoms, and he was using a lubricated finger in my arse. I moved away and noticed that he had a hard, condom sheathed cock through the hole. I moved my arse back on this, letting him just eneter me a liitle, but wasn’t ready for a full cock.

The 1st guy asked for my cock and I placed it in his hole, mmmmm another great cock sucker. Why are guys better at this than girls? His great mouth made me cum quickly, and it was a great orgasm. Once again embarrassed I left quickly, but on the way home thought I must do this again, next time take a cock in my arse.

Other stories to follow..