Written by baabaa5

24 Apr 2011

It was a friendship that spanned 20 years built on an undercurrent of sexual tension. We met as we arrived late for a lecture, forced into preparing a formal presentation. You were the popular girl me the 19-year-old with hair to my waist and dressed in tie die. I remember every bit of that project although you may as well have been working by yourself. Project done we parted ways. We would smile as we passed each other now and then. I would say hello if I could bring myself to. I graduated and time went by.

I saw you from afar as I noticed your slight lean as you walk and your nervous habit of touching your earlobes as you spoke. I grabbed you from behind and embraced you. It was an action, which surprised us both. You smiled and gave me a big kiss. It's funny how the reaction was born, as we had never been this comfortable with each other. We chatted for hours and for the first time I actually thought that you could see me. You looked into my eyes and actually held your gaze. Your phone rang and you had to go. We again lost contact.

Months later I heard from a friend that you were engaged and for some reason I felt terrible for weeks. Myself I was happy in a relationship but felt a strange frustration.

I then started my sexual adventure. I had my first one night stand, my first threesome. I found peace in sex and comfort in naked pure fucking.

I saw you again a year after you were married. This time you grabbed me from behind covering my eyes. I needed no guesses to know that it was you. You never were much good at surprises and you always smelt of Jasmine. We joked around as usual. Small talk and the occasional light touch. I covered truth in jest as I told her that you should have seen me before you decided to get married. I laughed as I added that I could have changed your mind with one nite. You sent this jest back with a smile and a wink. I wasn't sure if you saw the truth behind the joke. We parted again and I fucked another girl who I can not remember.

I turned 30 in 2001 and I woke up with two girls who I had charmed with promises of lust and probably expensive champagne. The hotter version of me and the sports car that went with the ego didn't hurt. The year hurtled past and I heard that you were single again.

2003 and I had settled down again. Happy in a new relationship we met again briefly at a friend's birthday. It was your turn to tease and the tango was on.

2004 and I was single and you seeing some jerk from Peru. 2005 the jerk gone I was seeing some busty girl from LA. Sex was great and I had my first taste of anal sex.

2006 we were both in love or so it seemed. My love died when my lover found God. Your love died when he found James.

2007 we met on a boat across the harbour. The attraction was always instantaneous. Why we had not seen it yet I didn't know why. Maybe we both liked it like this. If foreplay were this good maybe sex would be a let down. I asked you out and you said no. I still don't know why.

2008 I got an offer to work overseas and threw a large party. I don't know how you knew but you made it there. Maybe it was pity or maybe it was time.

As the last guest left you stayed behind to help me clean up. I felt nervous for the first time in years. For the next hours we chatted as we started to kiss. In wine truth they so say. As most of my furniture had been sold or was in boxes I leant you up against the banister and pulled you towards me. You trembled with anticipation your breathing matching mine as warmth was generated in the air.

You ripped down your skirt and I pulled you towards the stairs. I grabbed a cushion and placed it on the small of your back. Your body arched back. Your breasts moving upwards and nipples erect. I pulled your legs apart and tasted you for the first time. I worked my way around your pussy lips and felt the moisture rum down my cheeks. You groaned and shuddered. The empty apartment echoed and your body lifted off the floor.

You took me in your mouth, as I struggled not to cum. You nibbled on my nipples and bit my shoulder drawing some blood.

I turned you around as you guided my cock into your pussy. At no time was this like I had imagined. This was sex after years of desire and pent up emotion. I came as my thrusts timed your breaths. I watched as you sank to the ground cum glistening on your thigh.

You left that night and I flew out that Saturday.

2011 and I see you are engaged again. I am happy for you. This time I really am. Bye beautiful.