26 Sep 2016

Part I of IV

This Thursday cant come round quick enough. We've both been waiting with anticipation, for the last few months, for this to happen and now it's a matter of days away. My wife and your husband have let us out to play together..

I have it all planned out.

Your husband will be waiting for my call and will take the kids out for lunch. You'll be waiting for me with baited breath. I watch them leave and then quietly knock on your apartment door. You open the door and demurely grin as you grab me by the shirt and pull me inside. Your dressed as requested, just a bathrobe. Our lips lock, your shaking as I take you in my arms, grabbing your ass I lift you and you wrap your legs around me. I walk you to the kitchen benchtop and gently place you on it, your hands work feverishly at the top of my pants to free my rock hard cock. You groan as your hand wraps around it and stroke me.........you whisper into my ear "Fuck me!!"

I have other plans and push you backwards to lay you down on the benchtop. Your hands intinctively start to play with your pierced clit. I lick my lips and start to go slide my tongue over your already soaked pussy. I growl as i taste you....so sweet....so wet. You pinch your nipples and gasp as my tongue darts in and around your clit and soaking hole. It doesnt take me long before your legs clamp on my head and the first of many planned orgasms for the day rips through you.

You grin and look down at me......."I haven't cum in 6 days, THAT was awesome!!" you tell me.

"Marty did his job well then, I told him to tease you, but not let you cum" I respond.

"Fuck you" you reply.......hmmm...."Yes please" is my response.

You push me backwards as you scoot your soaked pussy off the bench and frogmarch me to the couch, pushing me down, you kneel between my legs and look up at me with a lust in your eyes that turns me on even more. I get my phone out and start to take pictures of you sucking my hard cock deep into your mouth, I send a few to your husband and Jen to update them on the progress of our date. I warn you that I'm going to cum and you pump me faster, you open your mouth and tell me what a dirty slut you want to be for me. I furiously stroke my cock and record the first jet of cum as it shoots onto your face, you wrap your lips around the head of my cock and suck all my hot juice from me. You grin at the camera and with cum dripping from your face tell your husband that you love him.

We move to the shower and prepare for our date. While your getting dressed, I send the video of my cum dripping from your face to your husband, he sends me a text with a thumbs up and to enjoy ourselves. You come from the bedroom, dressed as required, you show me you don't have panties on and your bag is packed with toys, condoms, lube and a sheet. I watch and take pictures of you inserting the remote control toy I have bought for you. I give you a playful slap on the butt as we leave.

"Today is going to be a good day" you say as we head towards the train station................

Part II soon