Written by tommy10

7 Apr 2011

Where was i, thats right her hand on my cock and my finger sliding in her pussy.

We played for a while before i felt to need to ask about her partner still on the beach, her reply was, his just a friend and was expecting company later in the day. We seemed to get close and personal very quickly with hands gliding over each others naked bodies in the clear water, her eyes were like mine a brilliant blue and with the sun looked exceptionally erotic.

She stood running her hands over my chest whilst enticing me to move to deeper water, once there she embraced me with an entwining of her legs around my waist. She began to slide her pussy up and down my swollen cock leaving only millimetres from entering her. She continued her pelvic rhythms until another couple entered the water nearby, she whispered in my ear they were the nude police and it was probably a good idea to move off. This was alright for her but my erection was sure to gain attention, trying to cover up we left the water and made our way back to my towel which i was relieved to pick up and quickly wrap around my waist.

After a little chat she asked if i could take her for a quick paddle on the kayak, I thought why not its pretty private in this part of the harbour and there's room for two. I got her to sit on the front as i pushed out through the small waves, then pulled myself on only to notice her facing me with legs spread over the sides exposing her smooth wet pussy directly in my view, again little tommy took the opportunity to show his strong points by becoming fully erect trying to impress. Well it must have worked as we had only just got into smooth water before she slide onto the floor of the kayak and slowly began stroking my cock, leaning further forward her mouth took my cock not stopping until she left no part exposed, a slow sucking motion encouraged me to lean back and enjoy, which i did to the point I had to stop her from making me cum. I then gently encouraged her to lay back and began to lick her pussy, at first concentrating on her clit with small movements but then with legs wrapped around my neck began to enter her moist pussy with deep penetrating movements, only reacting to her reactions. Her breathing increased and knew she was close as she became more vocal and forceful with a pelvic swaying motion forcing my tongue to circle her clit, as this point it only took my finger entering her to bring on a loud yes as she began to tense up and clamp my face into her pussy, i was glad no one was around as the noise would have certainly have gained attention.

I sat up whilst she looked at me with a smile on her face, again she moved forward and began stroking my cock, looking down her hand looked so small clamping around my over inflated cock. Her lips seemed to be in slow motion as she descended down to my cock, watching as her mouth opened and began sucking the head of my dick. I extended my legs over the sides as her pace increased, the pleasure only intensified as she fondled my balls with her finger nails. By now I was pulsating into her mouth and to increase the pleasure a slow stroking motion finished me off, i clenched her head as I cum deep into her mouth without any distraction at all. She looked up at me and she just licked her lips taking all I could spray into her throat.

We laid back, both at this moment content. I glanced out of one eye and just looked at her, naked, resting, happy and gorgeous, her curves, breasts, pose absolutely erotic and enticing, I started thinking how did this happen as she opened her eyes and just smiled, her legs extended and her feet began to press against my cock.

After sometime we noticed the weather had began to change so I decided to paddle in, this time successfully, we both walked up the beach naked and noticed her friend had a couple playing with him, we approached admittedly apprehensive.

As we approached it was clear they had been going at it for some time, my friend said hi and introduced my with no interruption from their playing. She rummaged through her bag and approached me noticing i was interested, she turned around and placed one leg on a boulder with the other handing me a condom, I put it on and entered her from behind watching this naked, large breasted women sucking on a mans cock whilst being taken doggy. I was slowly sliding my cock in and out watching the fun in front when the guy being sucked withdrew his cock and cum all over her face, no more then a minute later the guy fucking her pulled his cock out and dripped his cum all over her back.

They both laid limp on towels next to her, but it was obvious she wasn't satisfied, with sultry eyes she reached up and played with my balls as I was fucking her friend. My partner wanted nothing to do with it and lead me away out into the pouring rain, we laid a towel down and eased myself onto her watching the rain bead on her smooth skin. This time it was slow and purposeful, was it sex or love I don't know but it certain was passionate, every stroke seemed to have a purpose, her breathing erratic, swallow and sharp. As I slowly sped up we become more in unison, until staring at each other cum together.I layed on top, our naked bodies pressing against each other dripping with rain, muscles still flexed, cock still inserted where we just kissed, lips lightly touching, tongues fondling.

Well a decision had to be made, do we meet again???????????

Always remember, every women has a quality, it's up to you to notice it.

Sitting here drunk, will i submit then say shit!!!