Written by tamatea

14 Jan 2015

While out doing some shopping this afternoon I got a text message from my M who I have been seeing for about 2 month2 but only meet him 3 times asking if I had spare time a flush run over my whole body as I texted back with a YES I was given an address to go to and these instructions

When I enter lock the door . Strip off all clothing ...... walk into next room and sit on the chair facing the wall with my hands on my head ..... and wait ....... which I did without question and to the letter as I have learnt from the past not following instructions to the letter does bring a punishment and since I still have to prove I am a good slut to my M. At which time when M felt was long enough he walked up behind me and took my huge erect nipples in his hands and played with them while he also slapped my tits .....I could hear him breathing but he didn’t say a word I could even smell his scent he walked away again I heard the plastic strips make a noise he then told me to stand up still facing the wall and spread my legs which at this time he felt my opening to see how wet I was yes I was dripping wet he finger fucked me for a short time then slipped his wet fingers into my ass and played there for a while then I heard him walk away again ....... still standing there I could hear him remove rubber gloves and wash his hands. So I sneaked a peek at the room it was white everything was fresh white paint the walls, floors, ceiling, He then walked back up behind me and I could feel him comb my body all over even my ass and pussy it didn’t hurt but it wasn’t nice either I heard him walk away I don’t remember when but at one stage my M took a huge hand full of my hair and pulled it out of the way and being a little naughty for not telling him I find it a huge turn on having it pulled so I pulled back to make him pull it even more which was my naughty little pleasure I then waited for M to tell me I could now move into the next room and sit on the table which had a hole cut into and face the wall again ..... I can hear him in the same room but I didn’t dare look at him. This time be walked up behind me and spanked me all over for a good couple of minutes with something that felt like a paddle as I sat there feeling myself getting wetter and wetter he stopped and told me since I had complied as a reward I would be allowed to give him oral sex ..... as he sit on a chair I kneeled in front of him and took all of him in my mouth I could feel him getting harder and harder as I sucked and nibbled and licked him tasting his pre cum then he stood and took my head and face fucked me until he was ready to cum to which he stopped and took his cock out of my mouth so he could then cum into my open mouth and watch me lick and swallow all his cum while licking my lips to make sure none was waste ..... I was then told to dress and leave which I did as I was walking out he told me I had been a good slut and next time he might even reward me

I then got into my car and drove home walked into my house and carried on cooking dinner for my own family still shaking at the knees and still being able to taste his cum in my mouth and as I licked my lips.