Written by Fucker_1

26 Jul 2013

I had been working with a guy for two years. He was my boss and him and his wife knew I organise gang bangs. They always made out it was weird and they not into it, until one night at a BBQ his wife leaned across and said she has always wanted to be bang banged and wanted a really dark skinned guy well hung involved. From this time on I knew she was keen. A while later we got a job interstate very good money and her hubby said he was taking the new guy and not me. I was cranky, so while away I fucked his wife, totally with her permission tied her to he bed in a doggy position with pillows under her so supported and got the team around. I set up the video camera and we worked our way around her for five hours. She loved it. I worked for him for over a year after that having his wife two to three times a week and when I left I put the video in his player for him to find. Needless to say we don't get on anymore and they arnt together, she still follows her dreams and I gang bang her regularly. If your lucky you will see her on her she is here and very active. Loves a bukkake!!