Written by Bob

12 Aug 2013

Note: This is second part of the full story...

This was a bit of shock for both of us, as my wife never had a cock in her arse before. My cock is a bit ticker than Andy's, and she always feared that it my hurt her. For that reason, I never insisted on anal sex. to my surprise, she gave him a nod and told him to take it easy, as he will be the first one to enter her that way. There you go, 42yo ass virgin, and she was about to give to someone else, not me. Before I could say something, Andy oiled his cock with the massage oil, and then did the same with her unused hole. I thought, she won't like it and she will tell him that in a sec.

He widened her arse hole with his finger, then with two fingers, and the next thing his cock slid in. She moaned, moved a bit, as he pushed in a bit deeper, and to my biggest surprise of that evening, his whole cock disappeared inside my wife's lovely ass. Then he started to move slowly in and out, and my slutty wife enjoyed it. She moaned louder and louder, rubbing her pussy with one hand, and squeezing her tits with the other. In two minutes time, Andy was ramming her ass in full swing, and I could clearly see that with each trust of his cock, my bitch was loving it more and more. She was moving her hips now as he was fucking her pussy, but I could see that he was in her arse. For a while, he was going in balls deep, and he began to pump her harder and harder. Yet again, his balls were making noise smashing against my wife's ass.

For the first time that night I was tempted to join in. My cock was rock hard watching Andy's cock coming in and out of my wife's tight arse hole. Then I thought about my photos, I wanted them badly till the end of this night, and if I joined I would miss a lot of them. And I promised to my wife that I'll let them two to play without me.

I wanked my member in between few photos, and was just about to cum, when Andy pulled his cock out of her, it was too hot for him too.

Another surprise came when my wife rushed for his balls and swallowed his member in its full length. Honestly, I was shocked. I couldn't believe what I saw. She sucked him for a while, and then she turned and posed herself ready for a doggy, which Andy did not waste time to do. He got behind my wife's wide open pussy, with his cock throbbing from all of the action so far. His cock head was still red of fucking her tight arse not long ago, and still very wet of the sucking she gave him. He jerked his tool in front of her slippery pussy lips, like he waited for me to take a good photo, and he entered her. Slow at first, then he banged harder and harder again. She loved it. She lifted her but to meet every single trust as deep as possible, she screamed as her tits went all over the place of the fucking force from behind. I wanted him to fill her pussy with his juices in this position, as that would be a perfect view for my camera, but my wife turned back to suck his cock again. Then she went on top of him and rode him for good eight minutes. He played with her tits as she jumped up and down his cock. She went faster and faster, and there was her second orgasm of the night.

But Andy was not finished yet. He turned her on her back again and fucked her like on the begging of the night, with her legs around his neck and on his shoulders. then he spread her legs wide open and fucked her in slow motion for a while.

She turn on her side and asked him to screw her in that side position. It looked to me that was the only thing Andy didn't have experience with, as he was struggling in this position for a while. As he got used to it, he pulled his cock out of my wife's pussy and slid it into her other hole. She didn't even moan this time, like she fucked in her arse hundreds of times before. this time he couldn't hold his horses any more. He grabbed her for her shoulders and fucked her very fast, and whispered to her that he was about to cum. He filled her arse with his hot cum, and they laid like that for a while just kissing. When my wife began to moan again, I realised that Andy was fingering her pussy. He must be good at that, as she shivered, screamed his name and cum so quickly. He paused for a minute and did the same again and she had another orgasm in few minutes time.

Both of them exhausted, they had a sip of wine and when I thought it was all over, my wife kneeled in front him and sucked his cock again. He was hard already, and she loved it. She held his balls with both hands as she deep throated him. She pulled him out, looked into his eyes and told him that she wanted him to cum into her mouth.

There was no need to tell him twice. Andy wanked his nice cock against her face and her wide open mouth and soon enough, the hot cum hit my wife's lips. She swallowed his cock and sucked him until he emptied into her mouth.

Few white drops went down on her lovely tits and she rubbed it in gently watching into my camera.

His cock came clean out of her mouth, and I realised that she swallowed his load in full.

She dropped on the bed and Andy laid next to her. He was exhausted, I could see that on his face, but he gave her a really good fuck, probably the best fuck of her life.

When I packed my cameras I heard some noises again and the next thing I saw was Andy eating my wife's pussy.

The bitch asked him to do it apparently, and went for it. He did it well as always and in short time she had the longest lasting orgasm of the night.

So, the final outcome was one hour and forty minutes of really good fucking, very tired Andy, very happy Anna, 355 high quality photos and 41 movie clip...

Cannot wait for the next time....