Written by nernip

9 Jan 2012

We posted this in the forums, but maybe it qualifies as a horny story????

We've recently had three awesome adventures at WGP and wanted to give some impressions and some heartfelt thanks.

Our first was a few weeks ago, a weekday afternoon, putting on a display in the car, basically we got in the back seat, windows down, and as we played and she (S) got more naked, a couple of guys came over (not too close) and watched as I (A) went down on her. When she made eye contact, they came quite close and we loved it. She then got on all fours to suck me while I played with her pussy right in the window, giving the (now 4 or 5) guys a very nice show, and turning us both on immensely. We were very impressed that although we were too shy to say anything, the guys could tell she wasn't sure about touching, and though they were SO close (in the windows) they were utterly respectful and refrained from helping themselves. What was delightful and unexpected were the lovely compliments and thanks from the guys as they saw that we were finished and drifted off, and the lovely guy Paul (Paul1) who stayed and chatted with us, giving us sensible advice and just being basically very decent and normal. This experience really gave us heaps more confidence to try escalating our adventures.

[color=green]Thanks Paul1!


Then, Thurday before last, we went down around 10 or 11 pm on a whim, and sat in the car unsure if we were keen, and a bit suss about the guy in the 4wd next to us.

S suddenly said "let's go for a walk" and A gulped and said "ok". We saw another couple near the bbqs but they nearly put us off, because the woman was pretty obviously not keen. Yuck. So we went in the picnic table clearing, but they followed and it was uncomfortable due to her drunken ambivalence.

Again, S saved the day, whispering "follow my lead" and taking A by the hand to the bench outside. There was a guy in the bushes, and somehow we just thought "why not?" and as S lifted her long dress for A to finger her, the shadowy guy came a little closer. Then we swapped places, A sitting on the bench, S on all 4s sucking him with her dress around her waist while A played with her exposed, wet pussy and the guy came closer. Then we swapped back, S leaning back with one breast out and legs wide, A licking and fingering her. This was when the shadowy guy came quite close, gradually making eye contact with S, and ending up right by us. Somehow S indicated he could touch, and his warm soft hand, then mouth on her breast made her gasp with pleasure. By now there were 2 or 3 other guys lurking, and soon S was covered in hands and mouths, and blissing out completely. Shadow guy was great, keeping the other guys in line (one of us must've told him our golden rules: no intercourse with S, and A's utterly hetero) and with his, A's and someone else's fingers in her dripping pussy and arse, mouths and hands all over her, and cocks all about, S went into an incredible shuddering orgasm, convulsing so much she banged her head quite hard on the bench (she hardly noticed at the time). This is when Shadow guy really showed his colours: he sat across the bench and rested her head on his lap and belly, which she loved, while gently stroking her breasts and torso, and kissing her neck, whispering nice things, while still keeping the other guys in line, which let us both relax and enjoy it all. He even kept an eye on her glasses so they didn't get stepped on or lost: a really sweet guy. Just as S thought she'd had enough, and A was ready to blow, shadow guy went down on her and did something so incredible that she just kept saying "wow, oh WOW!" and exploded into another incredible orgasm. Around this point, A came all over her breasts while other guys wanked around her and she sucked and stroked.

Then A said "Well, now we're going home so I can fuck her properly" which felt a bit pushy, but it worked as all the guys except shadow guy drifted off. As we got dressed etc we introduced ourselves to Noel, aka shadow guy. As he walked us to our car we had a lovely chat and got some very useful advice and goss, and as we got back we realised he'd been the guy in the next car all along! S's only puzzlement was that although she invited everyone to cum on her breasts, only A did, but everyone else was quite happy without cumming. Good to know life's not always like the pornos!

[color=green]A huge thanks to Noel for helping make it a delightful, safe, exciting and empowering adventure!


Most recently, we headed over around dusk this saturday and in spite of some light rain, we went for a wander. After dithering around some spots we saw a guy lurking and went into the picnic table clearing in the trees, which offered some shelter, and sat down. The 'lurker' came up and said hi and we met Paul (Paul2). There was a kind of expectant, nervous mood as we made small talk, until S joked "shouldn't you be lurking around spying on us?", and he said "well I can if you like", and we invited him to sit beside her so she was between him and A. To cut a long story short, it was an absolutely superb romp -, all boundaries were respected, S certainly got plenty of cum in delightful places and all 3 of us blissed out in the gentle rain and warm breeze. The park was empty except for us: privacy in public! We would have gone another round, but by now we were quite wet as the rain had picked up. Again, a nice friendly chat as he walked us to our car, and again, no surnames or phone numbers. Best of all, later at home we went that second round, just us two, so close and loving and intense!

[color=green]Thanks, Paul2, you were a gentleman in all the right ways.


So far, we're both loving WGP! We've both found a kind of freedom in dogging, and we've been so lucky to have happened upon such respectful, decent and even protective guys to play with. It's been impressive how well everyone has respected our rules, and we don't want to get over-confident, but we've sure been lucky so far!

I suspect wiser members will point out that we've been a bit TOO lucky so far and will hopefully tell us what to watch out for.

Any advice welcome! ;-)