Written by Hubby

19 Sep 2016

A follow on to events that I wrote about on (SH)20th May 2016

Well its me again with an update as to what has been going on with my wife Sam and my mate Jarrod,

If you have read the previous accounts of what has been going on , you will know that I had set up Jarrod to fuck my missus , with my consent , but not to let on to her that I knew about it or had arranged it .

Sam (my wife was now letting Jarrod fuck her on the odd occasion , but still making out to me that she was still the prude that she has always been.

So here is what I planned , from here on ...

Me and Jarrod were having a beer down the local pub (where we do our main scheming ) Jarrod tells me he has fucked Sam a couple of times , however as I have a constant web cam on my lap top in our bedroom , I know it has been more than a couple of times,

So I said to Jarrod , I reckon he and his wife should come to our place for tea one night , so as to develop a more couples type relationship , rather than two mates from the pub , and him the carpenter , which limits the times he could visit without arousing suspicion (as my wife Sam thinks she is getting a bit on the side without my knowledge).

Jarrod see's a opportunity and agrees .

Now devious me has other plans , so we both went home to our wife's and made the arrangements.

Well the night finally arrived (with both Jarrod and me prompting our wife's to look there best as they had never met and women very often have a female to female rivalry (and Sam , had a different reason as she was already fucking ,Helen's husband Jarrod and it was a bit like marking her territory , (so to speak}...

Sam has this super tight , Lycra type short dress , pure white and was sought of see through because of its tightness and being white , no bra , white lacy thong and white hold up stockings , she looked like a high class escort .

Helen has opted for a little black dress (also short) , stockings , and the rest I had no way of knowing .

Well introductions were made , dinner was done with , the girls having got to know each other whilst preparing the food .

The four of us go through to our living room , take a seat , the girls were on the two seater sofa getting acquainted , and me and Jarrod sat opposite on the arm chairs .

the drinks were flowing , with me mixing the drinks in the kitchen ,Jarrod was sneaking looks up Sam's short skirt and as she was all in white it was easy to see , and Sam was letting him see it , but not making it to obvious so Helen would notice...

Now after a while the girls were quite tipsy , and I suggest that I take Helen to the bedroom to show her what Jarrod had installed , and been back to adjust ETC.

Well Helen notices Sam's sexy knickers and lingerie , as the draws are those open baskets , and as she was very tipsy , says to me "Sam likes the sexy lingerie ", and I say back , " its really for me as it turns me on heaps".

Helen sought of blushes , and I say to her "what about you Helen do you wear sexy undies then" Helen replies "that's naughty and you shouldn't ask a lady that sought of question " "but just lately Jarrod seems to want me to wear that sort of underwear " " ah so you are wearing sexy undies now then" .

"No I did not say that " "and you should not be asking "

I said " maybe when he was installing our new wardrobe , he caught a peek at Sam's sexy undies , like you did and that might be why he wants you to wear something similar , you certainly have a cute looking body, if you don't mind me saying "

We best get back or they will think we've been shagging in the bedroom , Helen softly replied "you wish"

Well back in the lounge room , Sam is sitting there with her legs slightly open and Jarrod is ogling her legs , just as we enter and Helen does not miss it.

Well a few more drinks are had , and Helen asks were the toilet is and I jump up and say "come on I will show you" , as we are walking down the hallway I turned to Helen and said "looked like Jarrod was admiring my wife's sexy undies as well when we walked in " " yes says Helen , I did notice that (huffing)" .

Here is the toilet and bathroom through there if you want to wash your hands .

" Are you OK? , or are you to drunk to manage " Helen relies drunkenly " I only have to pull my panties down to pee you know " .

Well , just at that moment she stumble's over and nearly falls on the ground whilst trying to close the door and turn around , I pushed the door open and said "I think I best help you " Helen says "you cant help me pee " but I could hold on to you , or help you get your dress up so you don't fall over .

Here let me help she half protests , but I push on and slide up her dress , shes wearing skin coloured hold up stockings and small see through black lacey panties ,

Fuck how fucking sexy do you look , I reckon Jarrod will get some tonight I say .

"Stop looking and leave me alone so as I can pee "she says . "and Jarrod most probably wont even notice , he has not touched me in months ."

Just then , I loose all control and move in close and touch the front of her knickers and say "what like this you mean " "what are you doing "

I close the toilet door and stick my finger under her panties and say" come lets get these of so you can pee" , I pull them down to her knees and they are stretched from knee to knee and all I can see is a sticky wet little gusset and a slightly hairy pussy .

I slide a finger down her slit , and she says " no we cant , and I say why not , I bet Jarrod's probably doing the same thing to Sam .......

All of a sudden Helen starts to trickle all over my fingers , as I sit her on the toilet seat .

After shes finished her wee , I pull her panties up , skirt down and say follow me , but tip toe and be very ,very quiet .

as we get near the lounge room were standing off to one side and Jarrod is sitting next to Sam with his hand up her skirt , and she is rubbing his dick through his jeans .

Me and Helen pull back towards the bathroom again and I whisper to her " see I told you Jarrod would be up to no good "

She says shes going to go in there and have it out with him , I say don't be to hasty , do you really want to split up , divorce and all that stuff , or a better opportunity might be to get even ....

I walk in to the lounge room making plenty of advance noise , and announce " Helen is as sick as a dog and I am going to put her in the spare room to sleep it off , and seeing as Jarrod's had a skin full as well you both might as well stay the night .

Now they both agree to easily as they want to have a bit of sneaky playtime .

And I say I think I might call It a night as well , ( now my missus thinks that I am trying to get her fuck on the side , which she has always said no too, but because she has been fucking him on the sly , replies "OK love " " do you need a hand " no that's OK I say as Helen's already under the covers an snoring .

I take Helen's hand lead her into the spare room after I pulled our bedroom door closed to make it look like we were both asleep .

back in the spare room I said to Helen , don't worry about it , just have your cake and eat it to , hell be none the wiser .

And she says "what about Sam"

I reply that I have wanted her to fuck another man for ages and I think she fucked Jarrod the day he installed our new wardrobe .

Helen says "he has been acting differently lately , and we have not had a shag for ages "

Don't you worry I'll take care of that .

I back her onto the bed , roll her over and unzip her dress , slip it off , unhook her bra , slip her shoes off and roll her back over push my head between her legs and take a giant whiff of her undies , she says what are you doing , I reply " your horny married pussy smells so good "

Now play with your pussy whilst I get undressed , she puts a pillow half across her face and starts to rub herself .

I am standing in front of her with massive rock hard cock (there's nothing better than fucking somebody else s wife for the first time to make you hard).

I reach down and pull her panties down and off and right in front of her I touch the sticky gusset and sniff my finger then start to lick the seam , Helen is just staring at me , and I say fuck you cunt smells beautiful , then I throw the panties next to her face on the pillow and start to lick her cunt , after flicking her clit with my tongue , and slipping two fingers up her , I rotate my fingers and start tickling her g spot she starts to squirm and all of a sudden has an almighty orgasm and wets my fingers .

She thinks its over , "you can put it in if you want " "not just yet my treasure I reply" with that I start flicking her nipples and push her legs right over past her ears , and start to lick her cunt again , but differently this time , I rub her clit with my other hand and start licking from one end to the other , all I can say is wow!!

Helen's cunt is wide open angry red and swollen , sloppy wet from her first come , and I am licking from top to bottom (yes I do mean bottom) , as I start licking around her rosebud she is oohing and ah hing as I start to fuck her bum hole with my tongue , then I move my tongue back to her cunt lips and start to introduce a finger into her cute little tight bum-hole .

Well she has another almighty orgasm .

Before she can come down I push up and slip my rock hard cock in her cunt she just grunts as I start to give it to her , she was really into to it as she was squeezing her cunt muscles real tightly on my cock , making this a great fuck , after a little bit we both came at the same time as I blew my load in her , I pulled out and stuck my sloppy wet cock in her mouth and said you better clean me up , she sucked my cock like it was her last meal , and I had another dribble in her mouth .

she wanted to go and clean up I said no way , put your knickers back on , "she said Jarrod might notice that she had been unfaithful " and I said "that will be good , and it might teach him a lesson , and what could he say , as hes been fucking my missus for ages " Helen turned round and said , yeah bugger him and proceeded to push her gusset right into her cunt , whilst laughing .

Well folks it has been a very long retelling of events , and there was much more (to do with Jarrod and my missus , fucking in the lounge room , but that's for a later time .