Written by Alexandali

27 Jul 2012

When I was 18 and on my last year of high school my friends and I went out one night dancing. That night I meet a guy at the bar. He was in his 40s and we talked for a short while before my friends and I moved on to the next bar. It wasn't til several weeks later that I began to recognise the man in my day to day routine. I started to notice him whenever I would walk home or too school. I never gave him my number but he would call me in the early morning hours say nothing just sit on the phone listening. One night I got home from a visiting a friend and I saw the man sitting in his car parked across street from my house. I decided to approach the man, I taped on his window and he rolled it down I asked him y he was. following me and how he got my number. He only responded with "you are so beautiful" I leaned in the window and wrapped my lips around his licking the inside of the man's mouth I felt my pussy tingle with adrenoline and excitement at what I knew I was about to do. I walked around to the passanger door and climed in, taking the mans rock hard cock in my hands as we kissed. I unbuttoned his pants and exposed his curved iron hard Dick. Pulling my panties to the side I slipped his cock deep inside me. His eyes where glazed as if he was about to passout from pleasure as I slowly went up and down his Dick. He moaned deep and hard. I whispered in the man's ear, "I want to feel you cum inside me" as I said this he let out a prolonged sigh and I felt his Dick throb as he shot his load deep onto me. At least 5 heavy pulses before several smaller

ones .I climbed off and let him watch me finger his massive load out oud my pussy and eat it. It wasn't til I left the car and was walking down my driveway that something dawned on me. On the back of the car I had noticed out of the corner of my eye a bag of hog ties, electrical tape, and a small concealable tazer. It begN to occur to me what man who had been following me and was parked oitise my house at 3am might have planned to do with these items. A chill ran down my spine. I never saw or heard from the man again......