Written by Hubby

24 Nov 2018

Well its been awhile,

My gorgeous wife Sam , has been getting a bit of cock on the side ,and she thinks I don't really know about all of the times ,but you regular readers of my escapades will know that most of the time I had set it up ( lol).

So here is our last bit of fun .....

We were at the Casino ,in Broadbeach QLD. on holidays and we'd had dinner there and were gambling ,Sam was dressed to look hot (she thinks for me but I have other ideas).

Sam is radiant with her Gold Coast tan low cut spaghetti string mini dress (satin,I think) no bra, cute pear shaped tits ,not big ,not small just fucking sexy ,, and a tiny see through G string (black),( slightly visible through her dress)

As we were , finishing up from gambling , we headed down to watch a live show (An Australian magician called Cosentino).

As luck would have it there were two really handsome young men sitting next to us in a booth we had booked .

Sam was getting pleasantly Numb with the cocktails I was buying her, as it was pretty dark in there and we were in a booth, I put my hand on her thigh and was gently rubbing her dress , after a short time I had progressed to slipping my hand under the dress and pushing upwards ,taking the dress with it , Sam was squeezing her thighs together trying to restrict my progress, but enjoying it never the less.

Now as I reached my target ( her hot married pussy) I started rubbing her clit through the G string which was very warm and slightly warm,,now I wanted the two young lads to see as I love other guys looking at her .

I mentioned to the closest young guy ( Ryan, I was to find out later) that the magician's last illusion was very good , and whilst chatting to him ,I was fingering my wife , and not to subtlety either. I might add.

So Sams dress is up very high her pantied pussy there to see , if you looked in that direction , (which Ryan had noticed ) I Saw him talk in his mates ear (as the audience were quite loud clapping and whatnot ) and gestured with his eyes down at Sams thigh's .

Now at this point I can smell my missus's cunt getting all hot and wet , , at this point Sam is fidgeting and decides shes going to the bathroom,(great ,here we go).

I leaned over and spoke to Ryan (& his mate James) , I said did you like what you saw? he thought I was going to make a seen , I reassured him that I get of on watching guys perve on Sam.

I the quickly suggested that if they follow my lead they just might get to see more ,,,,,,,

Sam came back . a bit more composed , we watched the rest of the show, with me fingering her again and whispering in her ear that I'm going to lick her pussy and ass when we get back to the room ,( I was sure I felt her pussy gush).

As the show was ending , I mentioned that why she was in the loo ,I had met the two lads and struck a bit of a friendship up and mentioned we were staying in the hotel and I had invited them up for a drink and check out our suite, as they were impressed and had never seen the rooms at the Casino .

Now Sam knows that I am always trying to show her off ( and she hates it so she says).

So we are in the elevator on the way up to the eighth floor .

The two lads introduce themselves ,(Ryan and James) and straight away checking her out as young guys do . I am standing besides her with my hand on her bum playing with the top of her string ( not really visible to the boys unless they looked in the mirrored wall (lol).

W arrive at our floor all pile out and I slide the card in the door and in we go.

Now as we had rushed to go down to the show Sams previously worn clothes were all over the bed , including her sexy but dirty knickers ( red lacy full briefs ) , Now Sam went for a pee , James had noticed her knickers just laying there and so did I , and before she came back , I scooped them up and threw them at James and said" her

e guys ,souvenir" James looked at the stained gusset and stuck them in his pocket.

Sam came out of the bathroom I poured a couple drinks for us all out of the mini bar, and we were chatting about where they were from , Chatswood in Sydney .

I put some music on and were all looking out the window at the Gold Coast night life down below , after a bit of chit chat and stuff we got on to gambling and the boys mentioned that the closest they have ever come to gambling was playing poker at home ,(I said " what strip poker" )

Ryan replied and said "no there were no girls there unfortunately"

"I Know what , why don't we play poker now " I said ,

We don't have any money ,said James ,

Then out of the blue Sam says " we can play strip poker instead , all three of us said " you're on "

Well after a couple of hands Ryan and James turned out to be hopeless players

Ryan was down to his jocks ( he was about 25-26 I reckon ) and was very excited and sporting a big bulge , but he was embarrassed I was still fully dressed , Sam had cheated and used her two high heels as two items and James had no shirt but jeans still on .

Well I made Sam another drink and a couple of cokes for the boys ( they wanted to slow down)

My wife toppled over and fell flat on her ass , and in doing so was showing the boys her G string .

Ryan ended up with a full on stiffy , just then Sam lost that hand , and I made her remove her dress

Time for a visual ( sun tanned , perky sexy tits , great arse , tiny black G string lace , )

I said to the boys " Fuck shes got good tits " to which Ryan I wish I could touch them " I said "if she looses again you can lick her hard nipples "

" Can they now said Sam" and I replied " if one of them loose you can suck his cock"

" Deal" she said

10 minutes later the three of them are on the bed Sam is sucking James cock , Ryan is licking and sucking Sams nipples

I lean and start fingering my wife's super wet cunt , I whisper in her ear " these two young lads are gunna fuck you tonight ,,,

I pull out my finger and run it under Ryans nose and " smell her cunt " " that's how hot she is for you two guys to fuck her

I pulled her string off and what i;m looking at is this,,,,,,,

Bum in the air ,her little balloon knot winking at us , her cunt was all fiery red , her pussy lips all puffed up and soaking wet .

Ryan was the first to make the move pulled his jocks off and had a pretty good sized rock hard young blokes cock

And was off , the aroma cumming off her cunt was intoxicating , It was all to much for him and he blew his load ,fully up her , pulled out and I told her to lick it clean, James to his turn and was in better control and seemed to be more experienced ( I would probably think he has a steady girl , as he knew what to do .

H e was ramming his cock in her and had one finger in her asshole Sam had a couple of orgasm's and stated moaning to come in her married cunt , he must have shot a lot of come up her because he pulled out and it poured out of her ,

after the fucking the boys seemed to get embarrassed and started to get dressed ready to go , they thanked us both and I showed them out , and as James had got the red lacey knickers, I gave Ryan Sam's smelly / sticky black lace G string .to take home and wank off to .

I walked back to the bed asked Sam to sit on my face were I licked her cunt clean of the boys cum , stuck my tongue up her asshole and wanked my cock onto her face .

Wow what a night was had by all

Sorry for the lengthy recount of our fun.