Written by AnonymousSlutWife

3 Jun 2017

The first Friday night in June after a long work week, I find myself in the CBD and at a loose end. Having already swallowed a load from a happy friend, I had left to go to dinner with some girlfriends who cancelled one by one-sick kid, grumpy husband, the usual suspects. It was hours before I had said I'd be home, and while I was tired, exhausted even, I needed a little something....or someone.

I drove to Westgate Park, feeling the usual butterflies. Would I do anything? Usually if I go alone I sit in my car, in the darkness, touching myself and imagining what might be going on around me...or what might happen if I were brave enough to walk out alone.

I parked, got out and smoked a cigarette. Six, maybe eight cars? But straight, or gay? Heck, they might just be reading the paper. I got back in the car, boldly turned on my interior light, wriggled my tights and underwear to my knees, and slowly rubbed out a gasping, violent orgasm with my trusty mini vibe. A ute pulled in close just as I finished and I snapped the interior light off in a sudden panic.

For a time I sat in the dark, looking around, trying to see if anyone was looking at me. I decided to have another cigarette and go. I stepped out of the car, pulling up my tights, smoothing down my dress. It was chilly but my big black coat made it bearable.

As I leant against a bollard, smoking and admiring the lights in the night sky, I got my first bite. Friendly enough and obviously interesting but confided that due to health issues his man parts didn't work. I finished my cigarette and decided to just give up and head out.

As I started the car, the driver of the ute hailed me. Ohhh, now you talk. Typical. I got out and said hello before baldly propositioning him. Usually I am quite sexually submissive and being so forward made me feel reckless, powerful and dripping wet.

We walked to a secluded area with a bench and I began blowing him. He was young, sort of an odd chap....he came quite quickly and I swallowed every drop, feeling the tension drain from me as I got what I craved. I thanked for letting me suck him. Already another two men were drifting about, and the attention gave me a thrill. I sank to my knees in front of a guy with his cock out only to realise it was my broken cocked friend from earlier. I sucked him a little anyway but became bored quickly. He pawed at my tits and purred as I excused myself to suck a third cock.

This guy had a lovely tasty piece, just a little too long for me to take it all. I gagged as I sucked him deeply, revelling in my behaviour. The haze of slut has descended on me, and I could only think of more cum, more cocks. I didn't want to be fucked-I didn't need it-just needed to endlessly use my mouth to give pleasure, to serve, to worship.

It took me a long time to drain the third load. As I finished my relaxation was complete, and licking my lips, I said farewell and headed back to my car.

My heart was so light I was almost skipping. I smiled broadly-truly I was the cat who got the cream-at those i encountered, before hopping into my car and heading home.