11 Apr 2016

I want to confess to everyone, that I have been a very naughty girl, This all happened as I was out late one Thursday night, on only one occasion, as the clothing store I was in, was beginning to close. The store was closing with 3 staff, 2 guys and a girl working out front. I don't know why, but for some reason I was super horny. It was a late night shopping Thursday and probably because I knew I'd be chatting soon on Swingers Heaven and my naughty mind had been wandering, it had also been a while since I had orgasmed.

Bravely I took a cute outfit to try on and I went into one of the dressing rooms, closed the curtain and, out of the blue, decided to actually try my own imagined dare!

I have no real idea what really it was that gave me the intense idea to try it. I knew it was even more risky since the store was about to close and the staff, that is the 2 guys and the girl, were working and could have come and opened my curtain at any moment, to check on me, as they prepared to close up. There were still a few shoppers left in the store and so I didn't hesitate.

I went in, closed my curtain, I stripped totally naked, I took off everything and started rubbing myself. It was such a wild feeling being naked, masturbating, all the while I could hear the other shoppers were talking all around me. It felt weird, but so damned hot, I rubbed myself vigorously and very soon I was Cumming, I orgasmed, it was a really hot sensation. I then calmed myself, taking a breath, for just a moment, before I hurriedly dressed myself, my sexy urge sated, and continued directly out of the store. It wasn't the biggest orgasm I had ever had, but it sure felt nice.

This erotic episode had me VERY wet and I loved it. It was my first in public.

Again I want to say how much I enjoy this site and it's truly the only one I visit regularly. I love it and it keeps me going (and of course, Cumming!)

Leave a comment, let me know what you think of my naughty escapade...