Written by sg12

20 Aug 2013

occasionally i will go to the asian massage places not always the ones where you get happy ending this was more of a massage shop as i was after a proper massage. So i paid for an hour massage and she told me to undress and she would be back in a minute. i had never been to this establishment before so i wasnt quite sure what their policy was in regards to how much clothing to take off. as the lady re entered the room i had just pulled my jeans down and was just standing there in my undies and a t shirt. she was ready to start and waiting near the massage bed so i took my shirt off and i was feeling abit naughty so i turned my back to her as i put my shirt with the rest of my things then pulled my undies down slowly bending over and looking back between my legs as i did it to see if she was still watching she looked away as i looked her right in the eye just as i was slipping my feet through my undies to get them off. at this point i still wasnt sure if i was suppoed to be naked or not as the girl seemed abit embarrassed but i lay on the bed she covered my bum with a towel and she started the massage. im not sure how long it had been going but it was a good relaxing massage was probably atleast halfway through the hour and she took the towel away exposing my bare bottom up to this point she had just pulled the towel down slightly or just rubbed over the top of it. oh and im not sure if it was lucky or unlucky for me but literally 3 or 4 seconds after the towel was removed there was a quick knock on the door and before the masseuse could even respond another lady that worked there opened the door came in quickly apologised and got something out of the cupboard then left just as swiftly as she had entered. so now the massaage was continuing she was working my lower back then gradually her hands worked their way down onto my bare butt cheeks. i was nice and relaxed and enjoying her rubbing the tops of my legs and buttocks then her hands were getting closer and closer to the middle of my bottom and next thing i know she is running / sliding her hand up and down my bumcrack just gently running her fingers over my bumhole. she asked was i ok and did i like it I said yes and to make it clear that what she was doing was ok i opened my legs abit wider obviously she got my signal that iwas enjoying it as she kept massaging my bum she even seemed to be pulling my cheeks apart at times and holding them open for a few seconds then just gently touching and teasing my asshole again she ckecked i was ok before I noticed she stopped briefly and i didnt realise at the time but she put some rubber gloves on. then the ass rubbing continued and with a bit more pressure than she had been using she ran her finger up and down my bum crack 3 or 4 times then it came to rest right at my anal opening and i flet her stick the tip of her finger in me. she said " you like " and i agreed so she pushed her finger deeper into my bottom and massaged my hole abit. She played with my bum briefly and as it was getting close to the end of the hour she put the towel back over me and said to turn over and she would do the front of my legs.

So im just laying there with a towel over my rude bits and she starts rubbing my calfs and then the tops of my legs i could tell she was being carefull not to touch my penis or move the towel too much. even with her being carefull it was still making me hot knowing her hands were right near my cock and i couldnt help it but i started to get abit of an erection. Not full on as hard as ive ever been but enough to make abit of a tent under the towel and ofcourse she noticed and said something along the lines of horny boy or naughty boy and just sort of laughed and kept going while i tried without much success to make the towel tent go down. Then once she had finished i dont know if she was trying to embarrass me or not but she just pulled the towel off leaving my still pretty hard cock exposed as she wiped the oil off i was abit embarrassed as i dont think she had even relly seen my penis up to this point let alone in an aroused state as i had been laying on my stomach most of the time and sort of covered it with my hands when i took my underwear off initially. In the end she wiped the oil off brushing my penis a few times then sent me on my way. All in all was agreat massage and left me so horny i had to rush home and have a wank.