Written by Jimblow

10 Nov 2012

For years my wife and I would alway send each other dirty text mesages when I was away in the army. We would both get off and that was pretty much the deal back then.

After doing this for a few years in a row, we decided to up the ante and started to text about out fantasies. My fantasies always involved my wife being fucked by strangers in different scenarios, generally a gangbang. I really think she use to lie in bed reading these texts and ramming that dildo in her pussy wishing it wasnt a fantasy. Many a time we would have a few drinks and we would put the porn on. I would let her pick out the porno and like always, it involved either group sex or a threesome. It was never a one on one porno.

I knew my wife has fantasies of a threesome with two guys, as she would always watch the girl getting fucked by two guys. No matter what I was doing to her, her eyes were always opened watching this part. I said to her one night when she was abit drunk " bet you wish you were that girl " and she said "fuck yeah ".

The next time I went away, her text messages would involve her fantasies and they really started to get me wet. She always wrote of threesome's or gangbangs and especially being fucked and creampied. It would involve her being in a prison cell and being fucked and sucking multiple dicks.

Boy this use to drive me wild. Many a night I was lying in my bed reading these text mesages and wanking off to the point I would cum two to three times.

I tried to talk her into going to a couples night but she declined saying it was only ever a fantasy.

I said why dont you act it out. She said I would only ever have a threesome with another guy.

Well it didnt eventuate but I tried a different angle to see how risque she would be.

We had a game of truth and dare and on this particular night she picked -dare.

My dare was for her to go to the local shopping centre and wear no undies with her short dress. She was to sit down at a table where opposite other men and spread her legs so they could see her pussy.

I had to sit in a position where I could see it also.

Two days later she acted out the dare. I could not believe it. She wore a white skirt and no undies. She sat down opposite a guy who was approximately 30 years old. I could see her clearly from where I was. She was hesitant at first by quickly spreading her legs and closing them. Each time I could see her pussy clearly as if it was in front of my face.

I moved to a position to see ig the guy was looking and sure enough he was.

I went back to my seat and watched the show. My wife kept her legs opened for 10-15 seconds at a time and now and then put her finger in being careful not to let anyone see her.

This went on for about 20 minutes. Fuck was I horny, but not as much as her.

She got up and walked to the toilets for what I thought was to put her panties on.

As I followed her the guy did also and sure enough he followed her into the baby change room. There are two toilets in there and when I got there he was no where to be seen. He was in the toilet she was in. I went into the other one and tried to hear what was going on. Funny thing was I could hear everything.

She said she would suck his cock buy no fucking.

I could hear the slurping sound of her just doing that.

Whilst I was pissed off she was doing this, I was also turned on, really turned on.

Ileft the toilets before they did. I was wondering did he finger her cunt while she was sucking his cock.

When I caught up with her I ask what went on. She told me nothing.

I thought why are you lying, but I never went on with it.

We have done this a couple of times since and every time we go home and fuck ourselves silly.

Has she done this without my knowledge - who knows

She is still not keen on going to a couple's party yet but I reckon its only a matter of time.

In the meantime we have a great sex life but my fantasy of her being fucked by several guys may come true