Written by kev4a69

16 Apr 2012

I arrived at the door. She was a normal, average build, friendly lady. We chatted and looked each other over shyly at first then a little more direct. “Come and sit closer” she invited, glancing the bulge in my pants which I no longer tried to hide.

“We may not do much at first. Is that OK?” she asked.

“We've got plenty of time. No need to rush” I said as I looked deep into her eyes and smiled.

The next moment we surged together and kissed passionately. My hand was on her boobs, till I felt her claw at my hard on. I put my hand between her legs and she opened wide and sighed.

I unzipped and took my cock out for her as I found my way past her panties and into her wet hot hole. “Uugghh”, she sighed and held my cock. “Oohh, a nice big cock” she purred. The last of her words were muffled as she slid her mouth over my knob and slid her mpouth over my shaft, sucking and sighing.

I worked one finger up her slit and one circled her clit. She moved her hips in time with my fingers as she sucked hungrily on my cock.

“Come and get on the bed” she said, as she led me there. She pulled down her panties and lay back on the bed. I knelt between her legs and she opened wide. Her cunt was hairy and wet and red. I sucked her clit and licked her out. “I'll get you back, Mmmhh” she purred.

I put a condom in place and she took her clothes off, and resumed her position on her back.

As I knelt between her legs she stretched her legs up and opened them wide. I knelt over her, sucking and playing with her breasts as my knob slid around her clit. I used one hand to slide my cock below her clit and up her cunt to the balls. She kissed me and sighed, then hooked her legs over my back and moved her hips towards my invading cock. Her cunt muscles gripped my throbbing shaft as I drove the meat into her. I so wanted to dispense with the condom. She felt so good and fucked so vigorously, it was a shame to waste my cum and not shoot it into her box.

I slowed down and tried to hold off my climax. I was so into rooting her, and she was so hot for my cock, I could not hold this first load in, so I stopped thrusting, and gave a long deep Mmmmhhh, as my hard on throbbed and the cum shot out. I held my hard on deep in her as she squeezed down on my pulsing shaft till it popped out of her, spent, for now at least.