Written by Linda

11 Sep 2015

I am a 30 something wife, married 3 years and never has the thought of being unfaithful entered my mind. I am attractive or so i am told by friends and my Husband. I am short 154 cm with short dark hair, green eyes and nice c cup boobs. My Husband Joe and I have a great sex life and never discussed swinging or open marriage and i have never had desires or fantasies for anyone.

We were away in Melbourne for Joe to attend a work function recently and on the second last night we were supposed to be free for a romantic dinner together. Joe however got pissed with a few mates and didn't arrive back at the hotel and i rang him at 7.30pm to check what had happened. Well he acted like an arse and told me he wouldn't be going out tonight and i should go out and have fun. We had a big argument on the phone and he hung up on me.

I was dressed to kill and thought stuff him i will go out, so off I went on the town. I found a very busy bar and ordered a drink and soon was talking to Roger and Don who were in town on business themselves. Both men were around 50 to 55 nice looking and excellent conversationalists. I told them my sad tale and they said they would keep me company and my Husband must be a fool to knock back a date with me for drinks with mates.

The drinks flowed the hours passed, we ate and talked and soon it was closing time. The guys didn't want to stop and invited me back to their hotel for a couple more drinks. I knew i shouldn't and knew that by going back with them would result in at least one of them hitting on me but I was still angry with Joe and these gents were both so nice and both gentlemen so i knew they would accept a rejection from me.

We went to Rogers room and he prepared the drinks. After the first drink Don said we know your married so if you want to go nows the time because one more and I am going to make a move on you. I said I would go but needed to use the bathroom.

I was so pissed i don't know why I did what i did next. In the bathroom i took off my clothes and thinking fuck you Joe i walked back out into the room wearing just my heels and a smile.

The boys were happy to see me and soon i was on the bed with Rogers cock in my mouth while Don munched my pussy to my first orgasm. After a while they swapped and i sucked Don while Roger let me feel the first new cock up me since i was married. Roger had great stamina fucking me for at least 20 mins before he came. Don had blown one load down my throat and for an older guy recovered well to then fuck me doggy style until we both came again.

I arrived back at the Hotel around 3am and Joe was out like a light. I was on a high after being fucked twice by each guy and doubled by them as well the first time any man had taken my arse. The next morning Joe asked if I had a good time and I said great I got laid by two old blokes in their hotel room. Joe thought i was joking of course so the jokes on him.