Written by donbaadman

23 Jul 2014

I was a single male when i joined this site, but since then i have married a beautiful japanese girl,Kiko, and i never thought id be writing an account of any of our many fun times. When we met she was very shy, but funny ,intelligent and damn sexy!! im not claiming she was a naive virgin when we married- far from it. She had had partners but had never been involved in swinging in anyway. I felt the need to tell her about my past including my love of swinging, dogging and general adult fun. I thought it would be the end of our relationship but to my surprise she was ok with it all. She said she was happy and a little bit envious that i had had such a fun time over the years, coming from a typically conservative japanese family the most radical thing she had ever done was to have sex before marriage!! of course i'd heard all the stories about how your sex life dies when you get married- but little did i know at the time that this was not to be the case. And it all started on our wedding night.....

My younger brother was my best man and he and i over the years had got up to alot of sexual mischief with women, dating sisters and swapping partners, pleasuring single girls looking for double fun and the like, not much we hadnt seen or done.

At the end of the reception he was to drive us to the hotel in his car and help us in with our luggage. At the hotel, a quant little pub in the country, i carried Kiko over the threshold as James followed behind with the bags. Inside i poured the drinks and admired the beautiful girl i had married, she was still wearing her white wedding dress and veil.

"You've done well there bruv" James said to me.

Now James and i are a couple of practical jokers, so after winking at me James said to Kiko that it was customary for the bride to sleep with her husband and best man on her wedding night. Well to be honest i thought it was going to result in a slap for both of us and the shortest marriage in history!! Kiko looked at me trying to establish if James was telling the truth or not. "Really???" she said to me." Yes" i said. There was a moments silence and feeling that he had offended her James jumped up and said he needed to use the toilet. After he had shut the door she came up to me and said "do i have to have sex with him?" "No of course not..... not unless you want to." "I want to be happy.... and i want you to be happy too" she said, "..but he is your brother- you dont mind???"

So i said to her this "When James comes out of the bathroom go in and think about it, if you want to have both of us tonight simply come out and make it obvious, be who you want to be and do what you want to do, either way i still love you."

"Ok..." she said with a thoughtful look on her face.

James came out of the bathroom and smiled at Kiko as she walked past, Kiko smiled back.

"I havent fucked it up for you bruv?" he said

"Not at all... if you could- would you??" i said nodding in the direction of the bathroom. He knew exactly what i meant.

"Hell yeah!" he replied "..but only with your ok"

"Im ok with it bruv- its not like we havent shared a girl before."

"The question of whether she's up for it will be answered soon..."

We heard the bathroom door open and out stepped Kiko, but now without the wedding dress. The colour contrast of the white stillettos, white stockings and suspenders, white french knickers and matching white lacy bra against her beautiful brown body was too much- instant hard on!!! And to top it off she had put her hair up into a pig tail on each side and was still wearing her veil. Her hair being like this was a kind of secret code- this meant she was VERY horny and she was mine to do with as i wished.

Slowly she walked up to us and knelt down in front of the couch on which James and i were sitting. Rubbing our cocks through our trousers it wasnt long before our hard ons were obvious bulging through the fabric of our suits.

She looked at me for approval

"Guest first" I said to her.

She slowly undid James' trousers and reached in to release his throbbing hard on.

My turn was next and she did the same- slowly releasing my cock from my trousers.

With a cock in each hand she began to wank us in unison, this was the first time she had ever had more than one cock to play with and i could tell she was enjoying every minute. Her stroking became faster, then slower, then faster again.

Slowly leaning over she took the head of James' cock in her mouth and begun to flick her tounge over the end of it, all the time still stroking my cock with long slow strokes.

Kiko now had the whole of the head of James' cock in her mouth and now began to slowly rock back and forth, each time taking a little bit more into her mouth. Now i had tamed her gag reflexes over time and taught her how to deep throat a cock- as this is one of my favorites- from any girl.

It wasnt long before the entire length of James' 8" hard cock was in and down her throat. I'd seen it before but it had never been my wife doing it!!

Back and forth she went, the whole length of it, only stopping to lick and play with his swollen balls.

Kiko now had both hands on his cock, sensing he may be about to blow his load she slowed and moved across to my thumping hard on, and i got some of the same treatment, she slowly took more and more of my cock until there was no more to take. She knew how to please a man orally- and had got damn good at it.

James and i stood up and removed our clothes, while we did she slid her hand down into her knickers and began to play with her pussy.

So there we stood, two guys with hard cocks- one on each side of her, she looked so submissive. James sat on the edge of the bed and i led Kiko over. Keeping her legs straight she bent over and began to swollow his cock again. I moved in behind her and began to stroke the inside of her thigh, each time going a little higher until my fingers brushed her pussy lips. Unable to contain myself any longer i slid my hand in and played with her freshly shaved swollen pussy, her knickers damp with her own juices. Pulling the lace to one side i buried my face into her delicious pussy. Kiko let out a little whimper and continued to suck and lick James' cock like a lollipop. His eyes rolled back and so did his head. I started with one finger, then two, then three, her pussy opening up and as wet as hell!! I knew that her leg trembling meant she was cumming- she briefly stopped sucking his cock to let out a scream as more juice rolled down my fingers. I fed my wet fingers into her mouth and she happily sucked and licked her juices from my fingers.

"Shes ready for you bruv" i said to James, and with that we swapped positions, his cock was dripping with her spit and his pre-cum. Slowly he slid into her wet willing pussy, watching him and at the same time i took one of her pig tales in each hand and pulled her wet mouth down over my cock, easing in and out it wasnt long before James was in to the hilt, his cock deep in her pussy and my cock deep down her throat. James increased momentum until hes was smashing her pussy for all he was worth. Now some girls have trouble taking cock doggy style while giving good head- but not Kiko, in fact she was timing herself so that both cocks were the same time. She had listened and learnt well. I was having trouble containing myself as she looked up at me with my cock in her mouth while watching my brother hammer away at her from behind. Periodically she stopped sucking and playing with my cock to let out a scream as she came again. On the outstroke i could see her cum on James' cock. She was in her element. An arse cheek in each hand James banged away for all he was worth, i knew he was close to coming, he looked at me and i nodded in approval, a few strokes later he was as deep as he could be blowing his hot load into her wet willing puusy. Kiko was screaming with excitment and James collapsed to the floor exhausted and covered in sweat. Kiko's legs gave way and she ended up on her knees in front of me. Moaning and deeply breathing she got back to work on my cock. I wanted her so badly. Slowly getting up i moved round behind her to inspect her gaping pussy, she took the oppotunity to rest her chest on the bed, put her arms outstretched to each side and rest her head on its side looking to her left, in James' direction, he was spent. I knew what i wanted to do to her, something she had promised i could do on our wedding night. I reached into my wash bag and produce a bottle of lube.

"James" i motioned him with my head to come over.

"Do the honours please" i said handing him the lube.

Stroking my cock i watched him gently slip one lubed finger into her tight ass hole.

Using generous amounts her hole began to swell, all the time she was letting out little murmours of pleasure.

I coated my cock with a heap of lube and moved in behind her

"Shes ready for you bruv" James said winking at me.

Slowly i fed my rock hard cock in, being extra careful knowing it was the first time any cock had been in this tight gorgeous ass.

More lube and longer strokes it wasnt long before i was balls deep in my Japanese wifes ass for the first time.

Making sure she was comfortable i began to do the long stroke

"More!!" she said

More she got.

"Harder!!" she screamed

Harder she got.

I was riding that ass like there was no tomorrow. She had been true to her word and was allowing me to totally abuse her ass hole on our wedding night.

I leaned forward and grabbed a pig tail in each hand, pulling her up and her head back she screamed in pleasure. Harder and deeper i fucked her well lubed ass.

Her pants grew longer and louder until she let out a scream which i recognised was the scream she made while cumming.

Taking a break i slid my hand round and down to her pussy and sure enough she was as wet as hell! Because i had let go of her hair her head dropped, i could tell she was nearly exhausted. After enjoying her ass immensly i slid my cock into her wet swollen pussy, again grabbing her hair and pulling her head up i fucked her as hard as i could, my hard cock being lubricated with a mixture of James' cum and her juices. James sat with a wilting cock and a big grin on his face.

"Yes,yes,yes" she screamed, then reached down between her legs and massaged my aching balls, this was too much, i blew my load deep into and i swear that was the hardest id ever cum.

Exhausted i collapsed on the floor next to James, Kiko was still spread on the edge of the bed, slowly she slid down onto the floor to join us. She happily sucked and licked my cock, which was covered in my cum,James' cum and her cum. Kiko alternated between our cocks until they were clean then played with her pussy, fasinated by the amount of cum dripping out.

She kissed us both passionatly on the lips and said thank you.

James and i looked at each other and smiled.

"Good luck for the future bruv" James said.

"Thanks mate i replied.

Now some of you may say that this doesn't make her a "slut" wife but when i tell you about some other of our adventures since then you may change your mind.

Kiko had discovered swinging- and she likes it!!!....... :-)