Written by Paul

9 Feb 2013

It has been nearly 3 months since Jenny and I were caught, and since then I have missed our affair. Last Tuesday the school which both of our children attended had a P and C meeting. I regularly attended these meetings and only saw Jenny there a few times.

Since the school was close I walked to the meeting and was surprised to see Jenny there. We said hello's and took our seats for the meeting. During the meeting I kept looking at Jenny and now and then she looked back.

When the meeting finished everyone socialized and Jenny and a few other parents and I chatted over a coffee. At this stage I did not think anything was going to happen but Jenny would soon prove me wrong.

Everyone was starting to leave and Jenny asked me how I got there and I told her I walked, so Jenny offered me a lift home. I accepted as it was rather late. We got into her car and left, but we were not heading towards my house. I asked Jenny were she was going and she reached for my cock and started to rub it and said to a quiet place where we could have some fun.

I got instantly hard and we soon pulled over in a back street. I was rubbing Jenny's pussy through her shorts and she was hot. Jenny got out of the car and moved around to the sliding door. Being a Tarago we had some room and Jenny folded the seat down and slid her shorts and panties down. I went straight down to her pussy and began to eat it. Jenny was so wet and she was cumming in no time.

I dropped my shorts and slid into Jenny's hot wet pussy. Jenny reminded me to pull out, and I began to fuck her hard. After about 5 minutes I felt myself cumming and pulled out and cum on Jenny's belly. We then kissed and I told Jenny I had missed her and needed her again. We got dressed and on the way to my house Jenny told me we could meet up the following Thursday.

I worked that weekend to get the flexi time to have Thursday off. I texted Jenny to asked her where we would meet. She told me at 10 am in the shopping center at the coffee shop. On Thursday I was there early and Jenny appeared and told me to follow her to he car. Once there Jenny told me to get into the back and duck down so no one could see me.

We drove to Jenny's house and parked in the garage and when it was safe she told me to get out. I was horny as hell and grabbed hold of Jenny and kissed her and reached for her pussy which was rather hot and damp. We made our way into the bedroom undressing on the way.

I laid Jenny down on the bed and immediately started to eat her pussy. She was so wet and in no time she came. I moved up to kiss her and Jenny told me that she had missed this. Jenny then sucked my cock. Her mouth felt nice and after a few minutes she stopped and put on a condom and got on all fours and told me to fuck her.

I slid into her pussy and it was nice and hot and wet, how I had missed it. I reached around and rubbed Jenny's tits and gave her arse a spanking. Jenny was pushing back and soon came quickly. Jenny pulled away and rolled over and opened her legs and guided me back into her pussy. We passionately kissed as we were making love and Jenny asked me how close I was to cumming. I told her the condom was making it difficult so she reached down and slid it off.

I then slid my cock back into Jenny's unprotected pussy and it felt like I was in heaven. I soon felt myself cumming and pulled out and blew on Jenny's tits.

I am now so happy that Jenny and I are sleeping with each other again as I have missed her. Jenny and I had made another date next month and I will let everyone know how it goes.