Written by Will W.

17 Jan 2017

It had been some time since Julie and I fooled around with other people. Truth be told, we had settled down into our usual routine of raising the kids and working and had stopped devoting time to our love life. Sex began to wind back into the realm of the routine, and then stopped altogether.

One night when we had both had a few drinks, I came on to her but she rebuffed my advances. I got frustrated with her and blurted out, "Maybe you would be more willing to give it up to someone else!"

"Maybe I would," she spat back at me, "and I bet you would love it too."

She rolled over and went to sleep, leaving me muttering under my breath about my wife's apparent lack of sex drive. Little did I know what I had started.

A couple of weeks went by until one day I was in an important meeting at work and I received a text from my wife. It was a picture of her ass in a pair of sexy thong underwear. (I have always loved my wife's ass. It drives me crazy). I smiled at the picture thinking I might get lucky tonight and I felt my cock stir in my pants.

About forty minutes later as the meeting was starting to wrap up, I received another text from my wife. The heading said merely, "Oh?" and below it was a picture of a semi-erect penis. With nothing else in the picture I could not tell exactly who that cock belonged to or how big it was, but I did know that it was a respectable size and already bigger than me while only at half-mast.

Within two minutes there was another picture with the heading, "Look what I found." This picture was of the same cock, but now it was rock hard and my wife's face was next to it with her left hand grasped around the shaft and her tongue licking the head. Yup, definitely bigger than mine. Much bigger. However, I still couldn't figure out who she was with. I also was rock hard, and as the meeting ended, I was not able to stand up without showing everyone in the room the pup tent in my pants. I continued to stay seated and picked up the phone on the table and dialed a client just to get the erection under control. While I was talking, my phone vibrated three times back to back. I dared not look at it. I had to get out of this room and to my office. It seemed like hours before I ended my phone call. By then everyone had cleared out of the conference room, so I scooped up my phone and hustled back to my office.

I was a mixture of emotions. Lust, curiosity, jealousy and nervousness were boiling up inside me. My stomach was in knots. Who was fucking my wife? I had to know. I looked at the pictures. The first two were still shots of my wife sucking on this dick, taken from the lucky boy himself. He was standing up in our bedroom shooting down at my wife, who was on her knees devouring his sausage. The last text was a short video of her sucking him off, making those usual slurping sounds and moans that she always did. Towards the end, she popped his cock out of her mouth, started stroking him off with her left hand and said, "You were right honey, I do enjoy this very much. And I bet you are dying to know who this cock belongs to." Then it ended.

I immediately texted back, "Who is it?" No response. "Julie, who are you fucking?" Still no response. I reviewed the pictures. All I could tell was that he was hung, had a nice set of balls, was well groomed and had some solid leg muscles.

I watched the video clip over and over again. The more I did, the more turned on I was. Little things did it for me. The hollowness of her cheeks as she sucked on his shaft, the drool dripping down her lip onto her chin as she popped his cock out to speak, my wedding ring on her finger gliding back and forth across his shaft as she worked his dick. It did not take me long to whip out my cock at my desk and unload a massive orgasm while thinking about what this stud was doing to my wife.

About three hours later I had still not heard from my wife. All texts and phone calls had gone unanswered. I then received three pictures. They were all taken by the mystery caller. The first one showed my wife lying on our marital bed on her back with four long ropes of cum stretching from her pubic region to her tits. The second one showed her on her stomach with cum shots over her ass and back. The last one was of her on her back, legs splayed open with cum dripping out of her pussy into her ass crack. Three times in one day! Damn! Lucky bastard. I couldn't remember the last time I got laid three times in one day. Nevertheless I did get my second orgasm of the day cranking it to my wife's cum shot pictures.

I finished up work a little early and got home as fast as I could. The kids were home from school and my wife refused to acknowledge what had happened until they were asleep. Even then, she would not tell me who her lover was. "You will find out when I am ready to reveal my secret."

She was also too sore to fuck me, but she did lube up my cock and give me a hand job while she told me about the day's events. I got so turned on that she let me go down on her. For the first time I tasted my wife's pussy after she had been plowed by another man. The musky smell of sex and the tangy taste of her used vagina sent me into my third and most powerful orgasm of the day. Then spent, I collapsed and slept hard.

Over the course of the next few weeks, my wife would please her lover while I was at work and the kids were at school. Sometimes it was a quickie. Other times it was most of the day. Every time I received pictures and video clips as evidence of her infidelity. But each time, there were no distinguishing characteristics that would reveal to me the identity of my wife's Don Juan. One short video clip showed him cumming all over my wife's ass (and I cannot express to you how large this man's cumloads were.) During his orgasm he groaned, and I thought the groan sounded familiar, but how much can you really tell from a gutteral moan expressed in the throws of passion?

Truth be told, I could have left work and walked in on them at any time, but I was enjoying this too much. Every night after he fucked her, I would beg her to tell me his name and she would refuse. Most nights she was too sore to fuck me, but she would give me a hand job and let me know all about her rendezvous.

Once in a while, I was allowed go down on her and this would sometimes lead to penetration, which was superb. Every time I got to enter her, it was with the knowledge that she had been split open by a much larger man. My cock would meet with very little resistance upon entering and I had to work hard to get enough friction to cum. Every time it was a powerful release, whether it be inside her, from my hand or from hers.

Finally the day came when my wife decided to let the cat out of the bag. We were throwing a New Years Eve celebration at our house and had invited about fifty people over. "Tonight you are going to find out who my lover is. He will be at the party. After talking with our guests, I want you to try and guess who he is." I was beside myself with anticipation. That concoction of lust, curiosity, jealousy and nervousness had crept back into my stomach and loins. Would I be able to determine by just talking to them? Maybe I could have them groan once for me to see if that would do the trick. With eager anticipation of the night's events, I loaded up our kids and shuttled them to my parent's house where they would spend the night.

As the party started and the guests trickled in, I found myself for the first time in my life checking out the guys instead of the girls. I was staring at pants-legs and crotches trying to narrow down my search. I talked to several men, and by about two hours in I had narrowed it down to eight guys who had what I felt were muscular bodies and above average bulges in their crotches. One of them was my good friend Steve. Steve fit the bill. He was single and very muscular. He loved to lift weights and spent his time at the gym, but Steve was also vain and although nice, could come off as cocky. Several times he had gotten under my wife's skin when we would go out drinking. Plus, at almost fifty, he only dated women half his age, usually strippers with large curves. Julie was not his type and Steve was not Julie's type. Still, at one point in passing I whispered in my wife's ear, "It's not Steve is it?" to which she rolled her eyes and walked away. That was a very good thing. I am not sure how I would have responded to my wife fucking one of my close friends.

I spent some time with Steve before he left the party, stating that he had a hot date he needed to get to. After parting ways with him, I focused on the other potential suspects.

I quickly knocked four off the list just with idle chitchat. Two had been traveling on dates I knew she was fucking her lover and the other two seemed too, well let's just say they seemed not manly enough to handle my wife.

I honed in on the final three. One was our next door neighbor who had moved in around six months ago. His name was Mark and he was a contractor who loved to run and was in excellent shape. Still, he seemed very devoted to his wife.

The next one on the list was Phil, a self-absorbed realtor who was a huge douchebag but knew how to woo the ladies. I just couldn't see her fucking this guy, and being the ego-maniac he was, I am sure that during our one-on-one conversation he would have let the fact that he was fucking my wife slip out. We spent most of our conversation talking about all the fancy homes he was selling and all the pussy he was crushing because of his cash flow.

The last guy was the one I thought might be the one. Pete was a great guy who lived down the street from us. He looked like a beefed up Robert Pattinson who my wife adored. And his wife happened to be pregnant with triplets and had been relegated to bed rest for the last few weeks. The more I talked to him, the more I felt like he was the one. The problem was that while I was conducting my investigation of the last three men, my wife had gone AWOL. Nowhere to be seen for the better part of the last hour.

Finally, around five minutes before the stroke of midnight, my wife came down the stairs and made her way to me, making sure to give me a proper New Year's kiss. I could tell she was up to something. Her cheeks were flushed and her kiss tasted salty. We finished up the night's celebration with champagne toasts and then slowly (much too slowly for me) our guests departed.

I was confused when I turned around and everyone was gone. My wife sauntered over to me, threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately. Then she pushed me back onto the cough and began her interrogation.

"So. Who is my new lover?" she asked me coyly.

"New?" I thought in my head, "Have there been others?" I mean others besides the ones I knew about. I let that go and quickly ran through my process of elimination. These were out of town. Those seemed too passive to take the role of bull. "So it came down to Mark, Phil or Pete and my guess is Pete."

As I was explaining, my wife began to undress, slipping off her long, flowing black gown and revealing a frilly and very sexy set of lingerie. I was losing focus and she was getting off to the fact that she had me off-guard. I began to stammer a bit.

"Now why wouldn't it be Phil?" My wife was walking away from me at the time and I was mesmerized with her ass, "It is a well known fact down at the gym with the ladies that he is well hung and knows how to use it. And he DOES work out at my gym and HAS (she turned back to face me to drive her point home) hit on me while I was there. I was doing my bench press when he came over and volunteered to spot me. He was standing so close to me that I could see his cock and balls bulging out of his spandex shorts and let me tell you, that man is LOOONG and THICK. Not a bad set of balls either."

"There's no way you would...."

Julie interrupted me. She knew she was making me uncomfortable with this. "When I finished my last set of reps and set the bar in the hooks he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I wasn't sure what I should do. I mean, he is a cocky bastard, but that cock was magnificent. I had to play with it a little."

"Oh, God. Please not Phil," I groaned "I couldn't stand that smug piece of shit fucking you, baby. And you know he kisses and tells!" I sounded more like a little boy begging not to be spanked.

"It's not Phil," she giggled at my reaction of sheer relief, "I worked him until he was hard and then left him there to deal with his awkward situation. He got the message and hasn't bothered me since. And why not Mark again?" She was enjoying this torture way too much.

"He's too devoted to his wife," I replied "It can't be him. He's a Boy Scout."

"Oh you think so, huh? You might want to ask Linda Roberts down the street how devoted Mark is to Susan. He's been plowing Linda's garden for the better part of the last year!"

"You have to be fucking kidding me! Everybody on this street is fucking someone else except me!"

"OK, I made that up. You are right, he is a Boy Scout and is not the type to stray. Still, if he was....." she smiled and bit her lower lip entertaining the idea of sleeping with our neighbor. "So your guess is Pete, huh?"

I nodded.

"Well, he is EXACTLY my type and his wife has confided in me that he has been frustrated with the fact that she has not been able to handle his size during the pregnancy, but still...." She bit her bottom lip once more, smiled her flirty, all-knowing smile, walked over to me, bent down, took my hand and whispered very seductively in my ear, "If it was Pete, would he have been able to do this to me while you were downstairs talking with him?" She shoved my hand up against her crotch and I could tell that it had been used. Her panties were moist with more than just her. The King of Cum had already unloaded in my wife tonight.

"Then who the fuck is it? Who did I miss?"

"Come upstairs and you will find out." She kissed me once on the lips, took my hand and lead me upstairs.

To my utter shock and amazement, I found Steve in our bedroom. He had just finished showering and was walking in from the bathroom with nothing on but a towel. At 6'7" he towered over me. I had never seen his body without clothes, but he was a rock-solid, well-built specimen with not an ounce of fat on him. He smiled somewhat sheepishly at me.

"How the hell did this..." was all I could get out.

"Steve and I are work out buddies. He spots me when I lift weights."

"But you don't..."

"Like him?"my wife finished my thought for me. "You are right. I DIDN'T like him but he was so nice at the gym. He got Phil off my back which I appreciate very much. And since he is your friend, I thought I would give him another chance. And then when you made that comment about fucking someone else, the thought occurred to me that this might be fun for both of us. Don't tell me now that you haven't enjoyed me getting it on with this hung stud while you are at work. I have seen you cum afterwards!"

I blushed when she said it. In fact, I was already getting hard. I didn't want to admit it in front of my friend that his big cock had rekindled the passion in my relationship, but I begrudgingly let out a, "You're right." I hung my head.

Julie walked over to me, took my head in her hands, stared into my eyes and kissed me affectionately. "You understand he's just a fuck. You are my man."

"I know," it made me feel a little better to hear that from her.

"And he will leave now if you want him to. Or you can sit on the side of the bed and receive your New Year's surprise." She waited for my answer. Instead of talking, I kissed her again, undressed and went over to sit on the bed.

Julie smiled at me and then turned towards Steve. She walked over to him and undid the towel from his waist, letting it fall to the floor. Steve's semi-erect cock sprung out, already bigger than my fully erect member. Julie stood on her tiptoes and kissed him hard, "Happy New Year's, baby."

She began to tug on his cock, slowly at first and then more vigorously as he continued to enlarge. Then she dropped to her knees and began to suck his dick while fondling his massive balls. After several minutes of her sloppy, wet slurping she took each ball into her mouth, tonguing them passionately. She was into this.

"Damn your wife sucks good dick," was all Steve could manage.

"I have heard that before," I responded and Julie giggled.

Steve picked her up as easily as a sac of potatoes and laid her on the bed. He then kissed her and let his tongue wander down her neck to her breasts, tweeking each nipple with his teeth while he shoved his thick fingers into her pussy. I think the fact that I was now watching sent Julie over the edge quickly and she came mightily on his hand.

Steve then got onto the bed and brought the head of his huge cock to her slit, running it up and down the folds of her pussy several times and rubbing her clitoris with his cock head as if he was coloring the entire area with an oversized crayon. Julie moaned with pleasure. I was stroking myself while watching.

Steve then laid his cock on top of my wife's abdomen. The tip came up to her naval. He looked at me and said, "This is how far I will be in your wife. She takes it like a champ." He then winked at me, backed his dick up and aligned it with Julie's snatch and shoved it in.


Steve pumped her like a man possessed, thrusting in and out with tremendous voracity and speed. After a while he pulled out to just the tip inside and when Julie started to complain he said, "Beg me for it!"

"Oh, please baby. I got to have more. Please stick that big dick back in me. I'm not done yet. PLEASE BABY! I got to have it!" With that Steve obliged her, ramming it home until he unleashed his load of thick cum in her and collapsed on the bed.

I immediately took his place, shoving my cock into my wife, meeting with no resistance at all. It was not long before I felt Steve's cum draining down onto my balls. Her pussy was full of it. It did not take me long to add my semen to the mix, as I groaned and unleashed the most powerful orgasm I had had during this whole ordeal.

Later, Julie made me show Steve what she let me do to her when I got home from work on days he would fuck her. So I ate my first cream pie in front of the man who put it there, all the while he chided me by asking how his cum tasted. It was humiliating, especially coming from a friend, but it only spurred the tingling in my loins further.

Steve and I both fucked Julie twice after that and once he pounded her pussy while I lay below them, licking his shaft and balls and her pussy any time I got the chance. At Julie's suggestion, he unleashed that load on my face. I still to this day don't know how that man makes so much cum!