Written by warmblood61

1 Feb 2010

We had spent the last 24 hrs at her parents house. They being ultra conservative, because we weren't married, ensured we slept in separate bedrooms, myself sharing a room with her much younger brother, Courtney in her old room next to her parents. Opportunity for some much wanted sex came our way when they went shopping.

In the lounge room, pulling her panties down and hitching up her dress, Courtney impaled herself on my cock with a wiggle, it being freed from it's denim prison moments before. With her facing outwards, my hands fondled her her pert breasts and pussy. It felt real good her riding my hard cock this way. After awhile, Courtney came at my touching her engorged clit as she rode my cock hard and fast. When her orgasm reached it's peak, I exploded, my juice squirting deep inside of her.

' Rattle. Click! ' the front door was opening! It was the parents! I was on the vinegar stroke, cumming. My hands pulled away and Courtney quickly arranged her dress to preserve our modesty. We didn't have time to do anything else before they were in the door.

"We didn't go shopping" said the mother, "We decided we will go out for dinner, so we only picked up a couple of things at the milkbar for lunch."

I could feel my cock becoming flaccid inside Courtney, our combined juices trickling down, soaking me. Mum settled opposite us in the open plan living area, Dad made some coffee. We didn't dare move !