Written by virgomale

4 Aug 2013

A few years ago, a lady (Pam) who worked with me and was a good friend lost her partner (Frank) rather suddenly. I was out of town when this occurred and I did not immediately find out. It was about six weeks later that I found out and called around to offer my condolences.

We made small chat about her partner and general things in life whilst sharing a cup of coffee and then as I was about to leave, she gave me a hug and a lingering kiss. Without even thinking, I blurted out that what I reckon she needed a good fuck.

I was immediately embarrassed at what I said but she replied, "are you offering?" I then hugged her again and gave her a kiss and said I would love to and immediately lost my embarrassment.

We then sat down on her couch and I started to kiss Pam passionately and gently removed her blouse and bra to reveal a very nice set of perky tits. I continued to play with her breasts and I continued to be touchy feely as I slowly moved myself down her tummy and placed my hand inside her skirt moving down inside her panties feeling her very wet clit. Whilst this was happening Pam was feeling the bulge in my pants.

At this point I start to finger her and she said lets go and make ourselves more comfortable. We walked up to her bedroom and I started to undress and as she removed what clothes were still on, we stood together naked and embraced and kissed before falling on the bed.

Pam and I kissed and she said she wanted to be fucked so without further hesitation, I started to finger her out and she said to me, I like it rough and can you give me a good fisting. I had never fisted a lady before, so slowly started increasing the number of fingers before my fist entered her cunt and started to fuck her, she was in heaven moaning as she cummed and cummed on my fist and her love juices started flowing down my arm onto the bed.

Then as I withdrew, Pam rolled me over and my cock was rock hard and she got on top and started to lower her cunt over my cock and started to ride me hard. Up and down she went giving my cock pleasure and after a few minutes, my cock started spewing cock juice into her as she yelled out, fuck me Bill, fuck me Bill as she also released some pent up frustration over my cock.

At that point we just took a deep breath whilst she laid on top of me.

We laid on the bed for a while before she started to suck my cock to bring it back to attention again. Pam said I have not had a cock for a while and she needed a good fuck and she was not letting me go home before I had filled her three times.

My cock was getting real hard again as she continued to suck and I started playing with her clit again, it was very wet but she said she wanted to taste my cum. I said you want to swallow a cock full just keep doing what you are doing. Pam continued to suck hard and before long she was taking a load down her throat.

We waited a while as I continued to fondle Pam and before long I was again inserting my cock into her and fucking her hard. She was screaming out as I fucked her and she again released love juices over my spewing cock.

We again laid beside each other, talking when she said, she needed a drink and with that, she asked me get a drink for both of us out of the fridge. I opened the fridge to find beer, wine and water. I had a beer but Pam only wanted a water. With that she said to me, "I look after my lovers even provide them with beer". I replied that "I provided her with my cock" and started laughing.

Two down and one to go, so waited a while before starting to play around again and before long, Pam was on all fours taking my cock doggie style. She really was enjoying this and to be totally honest, so was I.

We had a shower and as I went to leave, she grabbed me and said thanks for dropping by and make sure I came by to see from time to time to see if she was ok.

I continued to visit her from time to time and each time we generally end up on the bed.

Are there any other lonely ladies wanting me to offer my condolences, please send me a message.