11 Aug 2018

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I am a married guy seeking sexual pleasure outside of my relationship due to my wife's sickness. I have registered on a few casual dating sites looking for women in a similar position as mine. I was able to chat with many women but couldn't get lucky enough to meet anyone for fun and pleasure. After a long time when I was almost about to give up, I got lucky! A married Indian woman from Dandenong sent me a simple Hi message. I replied and we started chatting. I came to know that they had migrated to Australia from New Zealand five years back. The husband was working in the mines and was a fly in fly out contractor. The lady was a housewife looking after her two children. She was good looking, average height and build, 43 years old, educated and had a fair complexion.

After a few months of normal enquiring and chatting, we became good friends and started sharing more personal details. I explained to her about my situation and why I am on the casual dating website. I thought it was time for me to ask about how life was treating her and if she was happy with her situation. To my surprise she said that she was dissatisfied with her coital life as her husband was a workaholic and away from home most of the time. And when he is at home, he is out playing cricket, meeting friends or going to parties. She confided that she has a lot of built in frustration and needed someone who could show her love and affection. She also said that ever since she started chatting with me, she found a lot of warmth and friendliness in me and loved our interactions. Soon we exchanged our phone numbers on the strict condition that we will talk only when we are alone and not send any messages or share pictures of sexual nature whatsoever.

After several weeks she sent me a message saying that her husband is leaving for India and will back only after a month. She said she would love to meet me discreetly, if possible during this time. She said a working day would be preferable as her children would be away to school. I knew this was my chance. So I planned a trip to Melbourne and booked a motel room a little away from the suburb where she lives. It was a Tuesday and when I reached Melbourne, I sent her a text " I am here" and she called me. She welcomed me and I could feel the gladness in her beautiful soprano voice. She asked me to send the address of the motel and said she will come over and join me around 10 am after sending off the kids to school.

Around 10.30 am, I heard a knock on my room door and my heart skipped a beat! I quickly looked at the mirror and walked to the door and opened it gently......…..and there she was! I was looking at a gorgeous looking middle aged woman, in lovely shape with some extra flesh in all the right places. Her dark red lipstick and black eyelashes made her look hot. My eyes went wide as I scanned her. She was so graceful and exotic. She was in tight jean pants which projected her arse out and a printed T-shirt revealing her bountiful assets. Her cute braided ponytail hairstyle perfectly matched her femininity. This alluring female made my cock rock hard instantly.

She looked a little nervous while I was getting restless admiring her beauty. I gave her a glass of water to drink and she drank like a thirsty camel. I asked her to sit on the bed, relax and make herself comfortable as we started talking. She was shy and I knew at some point I had to start the exploration. So without wasting another moment, I moved closer to her and put my hand on her leg and started stroking gently. She didn't say anything. I moved a little closer, put my right hand around her shoulder and pulled her back towards me. I breathed deeply on her neck and kissed her as she closed her beautiful brown eyes.

Then she turned slowly and put her hands around my neck and started kissing my cheeks and then moved to my lips, I was enjoying the pleasure I was getting. She started hugging me tighter and tighter making hissing sounds. As I was kissing her she started pressing my head and playing with my hair, I kissed her neck then proceeded towards her waist, I slowly pulled out her T shirt and kissing every inch of her body as it is getting exposed. I could make out that she was enjoying and moaning. She was in a world of her own savouring what she was missing all these days, I slowly removed every piece of garment from her body. She was wearing black French cut panty with wide laced band. I felt the fabric and pulled her panty down, staring at her groin. As I gently removed her panty, I smelled it and I could flavour her scent. It was arousing. I too jumped out of my clothes and got naked, I massaged her round breasts and started sucking on her projected dark brown udders. Looking at the small circular aerola around her hard nipples made me go mad.

In between I got a naughty thought and bit her teat mildly. She squeaked like a rat and I backed off a little. She smiled and said she has never experienced anything like that before and it was a strange feeling. I am a man who like attention to detail. So I spent a long time playing with her awesome tits and fingering her nipples as I sucked on them every few minutes. She put her hand behind my head and pushed me down indicating me to show some generosity to her wet glistening pussy. I kissed my way down towards her pussy and slowly opened her legs wide apart. I was amazed seeing a light patch of black mons pubis hair and petal like dark brown labia. I slowly spread apart her labia majora and then the labia minora. Open to my eager eyes were her pink magic button! I started licking her clitoris right down to her vagina as she shivered, jumped up on bed and almost sat up with loud moans. I started eating every nook and corner of her pussy as she pushed my head more closer towards her love nest, I could hardly see anything but I kept tongue fucking and sucking, taking deep breaths every now and then. While savouring her, I searched for her butt hole. I stuck my middle finger inside her arse and she whimpered. It seemed she was in ecstasy. She shook and came in my mouth with all force and fell on her back breathing heavily. She looked drained for the moment but so satisfied. I patted her gently, rubbed my fingers over her hair and waited untill she recovered. I looked at her eyes and they seemed to want more.

She said that her husband had disappointed her all these years and she had to play with herself to satisfy her urges. She smiled and said now it was my time. This sexy hot lady started kissing all over my face, neck, chest, nipples and then went down licking my balls which were cleanly shaved. She was rolling her tongue on the balls and then pulled the foreskin of my cock. I could see her admiration in her eyes as she scanned my pink glistening sticky glans. She licked the edges of my dick head and then finally swallowed my dick in her mouth as she looked at my reaction. This woman was a real cock sucker. She removed my cock from her mouth, shaking it well and then putting it back in her mouth for a real good blow job. I was in heaven. My rod was hot and wanted to cum bad. Before even I could warn her, I came inside her mouth with an explosion and to my surprise she gulped the entire semen and also licked some semen which were sticking around her mouth. She smiled and winked at me and I really enjoyed this session.

We cuddled and started to talk. I was still conscious that I haven’t fucked her yet. We prepared some coffee and sipped, staying naked and admiring each others body. Once finished, I moved towards her and kissed her once again and she didn’t hesitate to respond. She was hot as hell and I wanted to fuck her bad. I wasted no time and took her boobs in my mouth. I first rolled my tongue around edge of the right nipple while I was circling the left one with my right hand. She was relishing every moment. My cock was getting erect and hard as rock. I kissed her legs, toes and ended up near her cunt. She started begging me to put my cock inside and tear open her pussy. I got up and grabbed a condom and she gladly rolled it over my shaft. She was staring at it with desire. She licked my cock with the condom on and slowly guided me inside her juicy cunt. In the silence, I could hear a mild "splash" as I entered her pink red cunt.

I kept moving in and out slowly but soon I was fucking her like a wild dog. She shattered the silence with her screams, twisting her body like a snake and moaning like a lost cat. Breathing heavily, she whispered with an accent "You are my husband today, tease meeee.........….p p ppplease...…….... please me......….push it harder...........I WANT TO CUMMMM...…….. After few minutes we both came together, huffing, puffing and breathing heavily. My love lady was in ecstasy and showered kisses on me repeatedly. I returned the favour many times more. Both of us remained in each others arm for few minutes. She hugged me again telling me that her husband had never given her such a kind of pleasure in so many years, We had lunch and continued satisfying each other till 2 pm. She said the time has come for her to leave as she has to go and pick up the kids. We got dressed and she hugged me tight. We kissed again passionately and she thanked me for all the pleasure she experienced in a long time. We decided to keep in touch and are still in contact. But we have not had an opportunity to meet up again...………...and I can't wait.

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