Written by ronny1962

13 Oct 2013

Our story starts same as many with me fantasizing about some other man fucking my wife, we had discussed it several times in bed with karen always getting very wet & the sex was rampant. but in the cold light of day it was a no no!!! just pillow talk nothing more, whats wrong with you it aint never gonna happen..

I had resigned myself to life of wanking over the stories on here until a strange turn of events.

Recently i found my self having to go back over to england for a business meeting didnt really want to go but it was financially crucial. It started by just a little text flirting me saying about kaz going & finding a playmate whilst i was away. We then took it that one little step further with me putting an advert on here about someone looking after my wife whilst i was away.. we jested over facebook & she said she had already sent an add to here & sent me a pic of the replies on a new email acc she had set up.. The cunning bitch..

Together over a few days we sifted through the endless emails deleting all the just cock photos (lads why do you do it?)

Getting the replies down to four but no pics batted a few messages back & forward on here & we had photos..

One guy kept on jumping out at me he was not brash or cock sure i would even say he sounded lonely but he somehow kept popping up in my browser.. we would sit & skype & discuss who we thought was gonna be the one.. eventually we decided on this one man that stood out from the crowd.. so we sent him a message that he replied back to with a mobile number. I thought there was no way Kaz would ever go through with this. Yesterday she messaged me in the morning in uk , thats evening in oz for those that dont know to say she had texted M & then followed a short text conversation they had agreed to meet up in the town at a busy coffee bar just incase he was a total freak.. All this was happening whilst i was sleeping in uk..What i heard next i couldnt believe!!! They had met at a coffee bar then 40 mins later they left arm in arm off to a nudist beach mr mt eliza nr mornington,, kaz would never dream of taking her coat off on a nudist beach let alone all her kit she has always confined our sex life to the house. They arrived at the beach shortly after 11am just as the sun was getting strong, it had been colder in mornington the last few days but this day the sun was up strong.. kaz removed her maxi dress she was wearing to reveal a nice matching blue bra & thong set, looking around this nudist beach she was the only one wearing any form of clothing,, but then hang on it is nudist,, M sat by her he was already stripped & lying on a beach mat he had brought out of the back of his car,, after about 10 mins kaz decided she needed suncream as not to burn M seemed like a really nice bloke & not at all wierd she said she felt safe with him so the beach even though nudist was pretty busy so it was ok.. so she asked him if he would mind just rubbing a little suncream into her shoulders, she recons he started off just on the tops of her shoulders for a couple of mins slowly letting his hands come over skipping across the top of her 36d breasts.. she admits at that point she did contemplate shagging him but she had told me no way just a little harmless flirting..after about 8 mins his hands where now fully encircling her breasts with the shoulders & back being completly forgotten about,, her nipples where now rock hard kaz loves having her breasts played with,, god she wished he would stop this was going to far for a coffee & a chat,, what was she thinking!!! Her pussy was dripping now she didnt know what to do..To fuck or not to fuck that is the question!!.. Half of her said stop her pussy was saying carry on, it was a dilema she had been so wound up in her own little world she didnt see the monster rising just in front of her she opened her eyes as M was still rubbing her breasts the suncream was well rubbed in by now & all the attention was on her tits. her eyes suddenly got wider jesus this guy was surely deformed you only see cocks like that in porno films it was over 10 inches in length & as big as kazs wrist.. she knew she could not poss handle such a cock as mine is a normal or i always thought a normal 6 inch cock, kaz has never had kids so her pussy has always been lovely & tight considering she is 48 her pussy grips like a 16yr old still.. what the fuck does she do next?? curiosity was getting the better of her. M seemed true to his work he would not try to push himself upon her when they had first met it was a coffee here she was sitting on a nudist beach wearing just a thong that was now dripping whilst her husband was 13000 miles away,, M massaging her tits with a raging hardon.. THe voice came in her head for gods sake wank him at least its what the useless bastard has been trying to get me to do for yrs .. slowly she reached out & touched another mans cock the first time in nearly 15 yrs god it was huge she could barely get her hands round it as she started wanking it very slowly there was a deep sigh from M.. this was getting out of control but she just didnt want to stop.. For gods sake they are on a public beach in the middle of the afternoon ok its a nudist beach so people are a little bit more broad minded but there she was tits being rubbed nipples like bullets pussy dripping & the biggest cock she had ever seen in her hands thet seemed to get bigger by the minute,, This is going only one way!!! thats the wrong way, she lay back onto the mat that M had brought down to the beach she didnt care know who was watching she had to try to get this monster inside her she was soaked M placed the tip of his cock against the lips of her pussy the bastard never mentioned the size of his cock in the advert, would she have gone if he had it was only meant to be a bit of a flirt test the water & now she is lying on a beach naked with a massive cock about to invade her.. god she was horny. she hadnt been fucked properly in ages she wanted out,, he pushed she gasped he continued pushing for what seemed an eternity when was this cock gonna pull back & stop going in!! M knew his cock was huge no wonder he couldnt keep a woman she thought, they must struggle to walk the kids to school after having this slammed in & out of em all night.. at last he was drawing back such a relief as she thought she just couldnt take any more slowly he pulled back then slowly pushe back in kaz was in heaven the pace continued slow n steady when her first orgasm hit it ripped through her body she cant remember ever shaking s violently ever he sensed this & quickened his pace after the second orgasm exploded it was to late now she was on the road to a satisfaction she had only read about on here. by noow M is pumping away like an express train.. OMG no condom as the thought screamed into her head she could feel the tell tale squirting she had only felt with me in the past.. How much spunk did M have she knew he nadnt had the ride for a while coming out of a bad relationship but it felt like someone was pouring hot liquid into her from a jar.. M finnally pulled out & rolled over onto the mat beaming smile on his face.. Kaz just lay there pussy on display to all oozing spunk out as she breathed heavily she turned over onto her stomach face into the sand thinking how do i tell my husband C about this...

Maybe ill just write a story & post it on SH xx