Written by Phatprince

10 Jun 2014

It was a late afternoon and we had just back from the shops. Mrs P was wearing a long black maxi dress with no bra and a pink g-string. I had brought some gifts and complimented her all done on how sexy Mrs P was looking, which she loves.

She was laying in bed and I was thinking of all things I would like to do to her. I laid next too her as I started to passionately kiss her soft lips and grab her DD tits as well as slowing moving my hands towards her pussy.

I was rock hard and told her take of her dress because I wanted to eat her juicy pussy. I laid in bed as I watch her slowing take off her dress exposing her beautiful booty her preky DD tits and her voluptuous ass.

Mrs P left her g-string on and I could see wetness coming through. I told her to take it off and Mrs P said I won't take it off until my g-sting is covered in my juices.

Mrs P then pulled my pants down as she gave me a blow job. The feeling of her soft lips slowing moving up and down gagging on my cock and using her tongue to lick my nob, I was rock hard.

As I was lying on my back trying not to blow she put her pussy in my face and said no touching as she continued to gag on my throbbing cock.

I tried to eat Mrs P pussy but she said NO you can only look, moan on it and watch my g-string get coved in my pussy wetness. I couldn't take it anymore and throw her off me and taking of her soak thong I buried my face in her dripping wet pussy as I started to slowing taste and lick her pussy while putting a finger in her ass.

Mrs P was so excited wetness come gashing out, wetting my face and our bed. Mrs P pulled me up as we started to passionately kiss, so she could taste her own pussy.

While Mrs P was lying on her back I got on top and started to tity fuck her DD while rubbing her pussy. I kept rubbing her pussy as she was about to cum for the second time, she told me shove my cock down her throat as wetness came gashing out again wetting my hands and bed.

Mrs P push me onto my back and slowing push my cock into her pussy taking it all in. The sound of her my cock pounding her wet pussy, she squirted all over my cock. Mrs P hope off and went on her knees as I started to fuck her doggy style.

I push my cock in hard and fast as she moaned really loud. she turned her head and said fuck me up the ass while you eat my g-string until you need to cum.

Mrs P on her knees with her tight ass in the air and her wet pussy throbbing looking red from being abuse to much. I slowing push my cock into her tight ass and fucked it slowing.

I could feel my cum building up and I need to cum. She could tell because I was fucking her tight ass fast and hard. I was about to cum when she pulled away and put my cock into her mouth as I cum inside her mouth swallowing my cum and tasting her ass.