Written by Ben

8 Dec 2012

I met Ben on my trip of a lifetime to South America. A year before I had lost my husband, my job pretty much everything and was having one of those really crappy years. So after a year of planning, spanish lessons and latin dancing, I headed overseas for 3 months. At 29 Ben was 10 years younger than me and was almost at the end of his travels before heading back to Australia, whilst I was literally just beginning. We met in Mexico and instantly hit it off and travelled together through central america and were parting ways in Cuba. We'd been out the night before enjoying whiskey, cuban cigars great food and dancing when I caught up with him the following morning. I was planning on having a relaxing day just reading and doing nothing when he joined me in the courtyard for some coffee. Whilst busy chatting with another couple I didn't realise he had grabbed my e-reader and was looking through what I had been reading. I enjoy reading erotic literature (not the shades of grey crap but stuff by Anais Nin and the likes). When I came back to the table he was just sitting there with a smile on his face. I asked him what he was so happy about to which he replied " nothing in particular". He said he felt like doing nothing today as well, but he wouldn't mind reading for a while, but didn't have any books to read and would I read to him from my novel. I looked at him and thought it a bit odd but said that was fine, thinking I would pick something else. He said lets go upstairs to your room so I can lie down and recover from the hangover. So off we went.

So lying on the bed I started to read some other novel. he interrupted and said that's not what i was reading, I want you to read me the erotica what you were reading downstairs. It finally clicked. And so I began to read him a very descriptive passage of a man stroking his cock whilst watching a couple licking and sucking each other. I was very wet and horny whilst reading and thinking about Ben licking my cunt. As he lay there I could see a bulge growing in his pants and reached out to stroke his cock. He grabbed my wrist and told me no, if I wanted to play I had to play with myself first. So I kept reading. He then started to undo the buttons on my blouse and rub my nipples which were already hard. He pulled my shirt apart and then pulled my bra down and released my tits. he then ran his hand down to my pants, rubbed my pussy and before he took them off, leaving me in my panties. All the while I was not allowed to stop reading. If I stopped he would stop. So of course I kept reading finding it very hard to concentrate.

He got off the bed and undressed and then repositioned my legs so they were open. he lay down with his head resting on my thigh and said he wanted to watch that wet spot on my panties grow. He started to stroke my pussy and then started to wank his hard cock. As precum started to leak out he would scoop it up with his fingers and feed it to me. Rythmically he was stoking himself right there for me to see and I could feel my pussy starting to contract. I so wanted to suck his cock. Eventually I couldn't stand it any longer and i had to play with myself, slipping my fingers under my panties and rubbing my clit. I continued to read.

As he took my panties down, he told me how he was going to finger fuck me, tongue fuck me, both pussy and arse and then how he was going to fuck me with his cock. But he said i had to fuck myself first. He took the book out of my hand and as I was rubbing my clit hard, he took my other hand and pushed my fingers inside me. As he held my legs apart he watched me fuck myself and squirt my juice over my hands. Without a word he took my fingers in my mouth and licked them clean. As he was licking and sucking my fingers he wanked himself so that he came all over my pussy.

He then went down and licked his own cum off my pussy and started to finger my pussy as his tongue licked my clit. I was so wet and sensitive, with juice running down my thighs. Every so often he would kiss me deep so I could share the taste. It wasn't long before two fingers, became three then four and before I knew it he had his fist in me. I'd never been fisted before and it was amazing. I was cumming so hard. Then I was on all fours as he fisted my pussy and started on my arse, licking, fingering and then fisting. I'd never had so many orgasms. I didn't know I could just keep squirting like that and he just keep licking it all up. Then his hands and mouth were replaced by his 8 inch hard cock. He shoved his cock in hard fucked me hard in my pussy on all fours and then out of my pussy he shoved into arse, then withdrew and then shoved back in again, out then in, till I clamped down and pulled his cock in so far that his cum just came in one hot flood up my arse. It felt like litres and as he fucked it was leaking out. He collapsed on top of me and once out he licked me clean. .

Exhausted we just lay there chatting and cuddling for quite sometime. Of course the pleasure needed to be returned. We headed to the shower where I soaped him up and began to wash and stroke his cock., making sure his balls and arse weren't left out. We returned to the bed, where I lay him back and ran my tongue over his body. As I found the tip of his cock which had come back to life, I ran my tongue around the tip, down the shaft, over his balls, up his crack and back. I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck to the back of my throat. My hands played with his balls and my fingers found his arse. I found some lube and then slowly I stretched his arse so my fist went in. As I fisted him, I began to suck his cock and it wasn't long before he shot his load down my throat. Mmmmm. I do love to swallow.

By the evening we were both sore but it was worth it. We both left cuba the next day and caught up a few weeks later in Peru. Where we both had our first bi experience. Another story for another day.