8 Oct 2016

I wandered into the pub fairly aimlessly; I hope the band playing later would be good to watch if nothing else attracts my attention. As I waited my turn to order a drink I noticed a couple siting in a fairly quiet lounge area. The lady waved hello in my direction but I did not pay too much attention since she may be waving to someone else. When I got my drink I glanced in the direction of the couple again and now was waved over by the husband. “Who, me?” I indicated. “Yes, come over” they both gestured.

I walked over and asked if I could be of any assistance. Gazza and Mel introduced themselves and invited me to sit down with them and thought I was by myself and they’d like to keep me company as they do not know anyone. They were quite a jovial pair and obviously relaxed and having a good time. They were in town for a wedding and stayed over at the motel. We chatted away about life, the universe and everything. All the while Mel was throwing some glances at me and flirting with innuendos, and Gazza was jokingly going along with it. I did not pay too much attention to that as I thought they are quite amusing and that is the way they are. Besides a good chat and a laugh is always keenly prized.

I was nearing the bottom of my glass and was thinking of shouting a round when Gazza got up and offered to get a round of drinks. Mel indicated for me to move closer and take his spot on the couch next to her. She intensified her flirting, touching my arm and knee and running her hand up my thigh, as we chatted. I noticed her sexy ankle bracelet when she momentarily lifted the legs up in a fit of laughter at one of my expressions. Gazza was taking his time about getting drinks and I did not mind going dry for a while as I like Mel and her cheery, flirty way.

When Gazza returned we moved to the patio, Mel hooked into my arm as we walked outside. Still in a jovial and friendly mood we continued our conversation. It was quite an exquisite view from the patio over the river. Trees and bushes lining the footpath leading round the bend of the river towards the chalets. She suggested we go for a stroll while the sun was still up. “I’m in” I said, but Gazza was not so keen to go and said he would rather do a few more “hard ones”.

So off go Mel and I merrily walking out the front door of the main building, hand in hand, past the patio, waving to Gazza, down to the winding path along the river. As we reached the first bend in the path just before it winds out of sight of the main building, Mel paused and turned me towards her, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, and lowering her mouth to my neck and whispered in my ear “let’s do something wild.” She kissed me again, more powerfully, letting her tongue linger on my lips and darting into my mouth, running her hand down my back she said “come on”. I wanted to pass a glance at Gazza on the patio, but she grabbed my arm and snaked me round the bend in the path.

The motel chalets were neatly grouped along the river with this magic footpath running alongside. It was not long before we reached their chalet, she insisted to show me the inside of these exquisite places. As we entered Mel turned around and kissed me, slamming the door shut. She unbuttoned her blouse, and dropped it to the floor and pulled my shirt over my head. She undid my belt and fumbled at the button of my pants taking the zipper and my pants and undies down in one stroke she kneeled down to pay attention to my cock. We both kicked off our shoes and I undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor. I seductively pulled her up to my face for a passionate kiss. I undid her bra and there we were both practically naked and in passionate heat in no time. I was out for a good night but this was more than I bargained for. We moved over to the bed and I pushed her down gently as I pulled her panties down to reveal her complete nakedness. She was a few years younger than me and a sexy medium build, very sensual package with good size ‘D’ breasts, and nice looking arse. She had a neat pubic area, nice brazilian and very hot looking, licking her lips she asked if I like what I see. “Mmmmm beautiful” I replied.

Kneeling down between her thighs I kissed her passion lips gently, she gave a light sigh as I pushed my tongue into her vagina. The aroma of her womanhood was delightful. I run my tongue up and down the lips and prodding inside her with my fingers. I sucked on her clit and she reacted with soft moans of glee. She gripped the back of my head and pushed my head harder into her. I liked her fragrance and worked at getting her ready for some more action. I could feel her climax growing as I pushed my fingers into her, finding her G-spot and nibbling on her erect clitoris. She moaned loudly and arched her back as my mouth gets washed with the juice of her first orgasm. I reached between my legs and tugged at my cock to get it hard. She reached up and said “come here” sitting up she took my dick into her mouth and soon worked me into hot desire. She laid back and said “oh, come on, come here now!”

I moved onto her with my hard dick teasing her before I slowly penetrated her. Only slightly parting her pussy-lips with my hard-on and slowly working my way into her craving cunt. Every stroke penetrating a little deeper, until I hit my swollen balls against her sexy bum. She was quite vocal at her enjoyment and stared to pick up the pace a little, encouraging me to fuck harder and deeper. It was glorious sensing her desire to get recklessly devoured. I was getting to my peak and could feel her tightening up as her orgasm approached. We were cavorting like rabbits and I penetrated her as deep as my dick would go. Enjoying the moment making sure she was also having fun. I could not keep myself from summiting when she moaned, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming… “ . I blew my load into her hot expecting cunt, violently ejaculating into the deepest of her mysteries.

We lay next to each other, stroking each other’s bodies, marvelling in how good it was. Rambling about our experiences of each other, I supposed that with any luck Gazza is not a ferocious jealous type. Mel assured me that he is placid as a mule and would possibly be sitting there with a hard-on thinking what we may be up to. “Are you perhaps bi?” she asks “No” I said. “Not even a little curious?” she asked. “Well let’s not go there,” I said. “Ok, so it would be conceivable for Gazza to join, right?” She asked. I confirmed that he is welcome to join us if there are going to be any further frolicking, as she is his wife and can pretty much call the shots.

We got dressed, with the smell of sex around us and the moisture leaching out of her pussy, making a sexy wet stain on her panties. Walking back to the motel building we chatted along and she would grip my arm playfully as if we were lovers. When we got into view she waved to Gazza still sitting on the patio, leaning her head onto my shoulder lovingly, “nice move”, I thought. We were right at the patio when she suddenly turned to me and griped me round the neck, giving me a super passionate kiss, right in front of her hubby.

When we reached our seating he was smiling, and I thought he will be mad as a cow possessed. “Enjoyed it?” he asked. Both of us nodded. I offered to get a round of drinks, mainly to get out of the way for them to regroup and see how events will proceed. I took my time, off to the cloak room first and back to the bar. It was busier now and took some time to get drinks. When I re-joined them and they were happy and jovial as ever, the band started playing and it was getting noisier. It was harder to have a normal conversation and we were talking louder than we normally would.

We were huddling together to keep our light-hearted spirit going. Mel was for ever touching me, while Gazza would place his hand on my shoulder or elbow me in the ribs playfully as the banter continued. They were gulping their drinks and soon Gazza said “let’s go, I’ve got drinks in the room” at this suggestion Mel said “drink up, let’s go.” “Coming?” they both asked. I sculled my drink and off we went.

When we entered the chalet, Mel was very cheerful and enthusiastic and made a big hoo-ha about her being so horny, and feeling lucky having two guys to play with. Gazza slammed the door shut behind us and Mel turned around, having unbuttoned her blouse and dropping it to the floor, then undoes her skirt and dropping that down, only in her panties, sporting a cute wet spot, and bra she said “C’mon guys, help me!” Geez she looked hot and inviting and I was really getting into this woman, and with her hubbies support and consent, hoo-hah!. I pulled my shirt off and kicked my shoes out of the way and moved closer to her, she took my pants down and lingered at my cock, my jocks sitting on my thighs. “Take these off” she said pushing me over onto the bed. Laying me naked on the bed she start kissing me from head to toe, and spending some time at the parts that responds well.

We were in kissing passionately and I moved her over onto her back and kissed her nipples and down her belly towards her sexy desire zone. I made her go gooseflesh all over while going over her belly and nipples, kissing, licking. I started sucking and licking at her pussy, and getting her aroused. It was wonderful, smelling the wonderful womanhood of her who has taken my load earlier, tasting the wetness of her desire. Playing with my fingers on her clit and make her squirm with pleasure. Licking her seductive pussy-lips and entering my tongue with darts into her made her moan softly. As I was working her erogenous zones I could feel her arousal building into a climax. She was pushing into my mouth with her hot wet cunt and I tasted her lubrication mixing with my lingering deposit.

She had a wonderful aroma about her and her sexy pussy was so wet and wonderful. I licked and sucked and played with my fingers to my heart’s delight, and she loved it. I know because she was moaning softly with pleasure and I could feel her climax growing. Gazza got naked and joined us on the bed alongside her sucking at her nipples, squeezing her voluptuous tits and kissing her neck. This had an added response to my stimulation. He took my hand and placed it on his half erect penis. At first I thought “no way!”, but stated to slide my hand up and down his member, working him up to an erection. “In for a penny, in for a pound” I thought.

She was climaxing and washing my face with her juices and I was licking and slurping at her cunt when she said “Farkk! I want that hard cock in me”. She got onto her all fours and allowed Gazza to fuck her doggy style. They were going at it for a while and I got underneath her. I was licking her pussy as he goes in and out of her. His cock is strong and hard pounding her, while I was lapping up all the juices, leaking from her pleasure hole, I’m underneath them, licking at her clit, brushing my tongue against their point of contact. He was pounding her and it took a while for him to cum with enthusiasm filling her pussy with his load. I continued to lick and had my mouth filled with their passion. Then he pulled out of her with his cock going soft. She turned over onto her back allowing me access to her cum filled cunt. I devoured her saucy cream-pie and drew the load of Gazza’s spunk from her pussy, devouring it with delight.

Her passion being highly evolved by now, she wanted me to eat out her pussy and, I obliged. I worked at her again with my mouth and fingers and get her to orgasm again, and again. She was getting quite vocal about her pleasure and it turned me on. But not as much as when I felt a helping hand from Gazza coaxing my cock into action. He had his hand between my legs from behind, as I was kneeling on the floor. Touching my cock with soft strokes and working me up to hardness. As I got harder he started to masturbate me slowly, getting my cock hard as a diamond.

I moved up closer to Mel’s face, kissing her boobs on the way up and rubbing my erection against her thigh. She breathed “oh come fuck me please”. I entered her expectant wet cauldron of pleasure with my hard-rod, pushing into her with vocal concession. She loved me slamming into her as deep as I could and we fucked together, building up a rhythm. She was audibly enjoying the attention. Gazza retired to a viewing position on a chair while I fucked his wife into oblivion. She was nearing another orgasm when I felt my amour welling up and getting ready to explode. Her pussy tightened up as she orgasmed and that pushed me over the edge. I deposit my hot load into her wetness, spurting my seed as deep and comprehensive as I could manage.

We collapsed next to each other kissing, hugging and panting. “Holy Fuck!, that was great!” Mel exclaimed, when she suggested we take a short drinks break. Gazza gladly obliged getting up from the chair with his semi hard-on, went to the kitchen to pour some drinks in the dim light. Mel and I was passionately kissing and feeling each other up, and whisper some sweet nothings into each other as we went along. We were sitting on the bed sipping at our drinks when Mel suggested she teach me how to suck cock. I was not so sure about the idea while this is not my field of expertise and I am not too comfortable with that. I have been a bull all my life and sucking cock is for pansies. “Oh come on” she said “you’ll like it.” She took his soft cock in her hands, pulling it back slightly and ran her tongue round his placid head.

This stirred some movement in his docile cock and she said, “it’s your turn, lick his head first.” She was moving her hands up and down his cock when I tentatively put my lips to his cock. “Just do what you think you would like if someone suck your cock” she said. With a wicked smile she added “just be gentle, soft and cuddly, he will soon wake up” She placed my hand on his cock, and said “slow motion, up and down, and soft kisses.” I could feel his cock stirring and getting harder with the attention I was giving. Mel encouraged me to take more of his erection into my mouth, both to lubricate and to substitute for the hand motion. It was a strange sensation, feeling a hard cock in my mouth, but different to what I expected.

Whatever I was doing must have been all right as he was certainly sporting a very hard cock and grunting as I sucked his cock deeper into my mouth. His erect penis was slamming at the back of my mouth, gaging me as it went down my throat a few times. I had to pull back and suck his balls or run my tongue up and down his cock just to catch my breath. All the while Mel was encouraging me “squeeze his balls,” or “rub the little muscle between the base of his balls and his arse-hole.” She exclaimed “let him fuck your mouth please.” I could taste some sweet juice coming from his prick, Mel knew he was nearing his climax saying “blow your load in his mouth honey.” He grabbed the back of my head and with a mighty thrust slammed his cock down my throat and shot his load. As I tried to pull out but he plunged again for a second squirt of hot gooey cum in my mouth. “Lick all that up and give him a good milking before you let him go” was Mel’s final instructions.

Mel draws me up to her face and gave me a wonderful kiss, our tongues knotted and she tasted her hubby’s cum in my mouth. “I like it when you lick my pussy” she said, “and it was a huge turn-on when you sucked him off”. She reached down on me and took my penis in her hand added. “My, oh my, he must have liked it too, look how charmed this one eyed trouser snake is”. She took my cock into her mouth and it felt like she was working it down her throat with her tongue. It was amazing and she could have done that all day long, but she broke it off and got onto her all-fours. I pushed my excited member into her from behind, doing her doggy for the first time letting my cock enter her deep and slapping my balls rhythmically against her arse. She was getting very vocal as she orgasmed, but I was not there yet and slowed the pace to pull out of her and lingering my knob at her opening before I pushed into her again as deep as I could. I did that for a while and she pushed back and forward with me in this slow erotic sexual dance. My climax started to grow and we picked up the pace, I was now also grunting and breathing harder. We worked together perfectly and I pumped my load into her as she screamed that she was cumming. We orgasmed together in a cacophony of sexual noises and I collapsed on top of her as she fell forward onto the bed. My semen was dribbling out of her soaked pussy onto the bed, making a big wet spot.

I so wanted to eat out her cream-pie but it took me a while to get my breath back and rolled her over onto her back. By that time Gazza has cleaned my cock, sucking the last drop out of my softening cock. I moved down between her thighs and sucked and slurped at her freshly fucked pussy and devoured our passion cocktail enthusiastically from her saturated cunt. We were calming down after a wonderful experience and blood pressure and breathing start to normalise as we lay together kissing, whispering sweet nothings. All calmed down and returned to normal as Gazza got more drinks, we chitchat for some time. We all agreed it was an amazing evening and shared our emotions on the events. I have got the man on man thing under my belt for the first time. At least I can say I’ve done it, but it will not be a hunting ground I will visit regularly, just because I love pussy much better.

“Well I guess we had our fun and you have to look your best at the wedding tomorrow” I said. We exchanged contact details and promised to keep in touch. We agreed that if an opportunity arises again we will certainly make use of it. Another chance did come along a few months later, but that is another story, all I can say is Mel is a super-hot and very satisfying lady. I got dressed and bid them farewell, walked the few street blocks home with a happy gait and feeling of wonderful erotic fulfillment.