24 Dec 2017

We all have to start somewhere and mine was a long time ago with a couple of girls that were just friends, T & G. We would see each other out at different places and just have a drink n chat. One of them moved to the big smoke (T short with black hair and D size cup), as you do and when settled, had a house warming party. I drove down with the other friend (G she was much taller, wavy haired brunette Ccup ), to attend and help out with the party. Party was full on, lots of drinking and eating and so on. Well into the party, the host had a bit more than she could handle drink wise and began to get upset and really started crying. So G and I put her off to bed. This put a bit of a dampener on the whole show and people began wandering off and leaving. After about an hour, most everyone had left and we had pretty well cleaned up. I said to G, "Looks like it's time for us to head off to bed as well. Do you know where the blankets are and I'll crash on the lounge."

"No way" she said, "you're in the bed with us, It's a big bed and it'll be fine."

"Are you sure? Well OK!" I stripped down to my jocks as she got changed into a short nightie. Lights went out and we got into bed. She made sure that I was in the middle, with T sound asleep on the other side. I was still under the impression we were "just friends", but after a couple of minutes G's foot was over rubbing against mine, then her hand began rubbing my arm. That was enough I thought, so I began to very slowly and quietly respond. More and more we began to explore each other, trying not to disturb T. We started kissing and fondling with more enthusiasm as she grabbed my cock and began to slowly wank me, all this while we were trying to not let T know. G rolled over onto her side as I rubbed my rock hard cock across her little ass, she slightly lifted a leg and I slide into an extremely wet pussy, that was very hungry for my cock. Slowly I pumped her pussy, reaching around fondling those very firm little C cups. Pinching her nipples and squeezing her tits, pumping quietly into a much wetter pussy. I pulled her back closer, so I could bite her neck and shoulder, this had her letting out a stifled moan which had me pumping a lot harder and taking the both of us over the edge, me cumming heaps in her as she cum all over my cock. We both had a little shudder and our breathing that had become ragged settled down. We stayed like this for some time, as I began shrink and pulled out.

It was now very late and I rolled onto my back to head off to sleep ....................................... or so I thought. From the other side, where we thought T was sound asleep, she slightly rolled towards me and put her hand on my chest and a leg on mine and said, "me next"?

Let me know what you think and if you want more of this story.