13 Nov 2019

Visiting a friend one day and chatting, I realised that the tracksuit top she was wearing was unzipped and flapping open, and revealing to me her naked body beneath. Suddenly she realised why I kept glancing in that direction and laughed, zipping up the top, and saying she was sorry and that she had it open to cool down as she had got hot and sweaty in the sun in the garden. I responded saying there was nothing to be sorry about, and that I had enjoyed the view and she had a fine set of breasts. Afterwards I could not stop thinking about her and how unabashed she was, so the next day I dropped my pants and took some photos on my phone and sent them to her. She texted back saying I should come over so we could talk. I hoped she wanted to do more than just talk, and she did. Within 5 minutes of arriving we were in bed banging each other senseless. She was very athletic and fit and amazing in bed. She was also eager to please. We spent a number of lovely afternoons together and she was inexperienced as a lover so I was able to train her in the ways she could please me. She was eager to learn and quick to learn, and I soon had her giving blow jobs like a champion. She loved to have both my balls in her mouth and suck on them, moving them around inside her mouth with her tongue, and pressing them against the inside of her cheeks with her tongue, which I enjoyed a lot. When we had done the hot and heavy for a few sessions we also experimented with tantric sex which I had wanted to try out. We tried the yab yam position with her sitting on my lap and my cock inside her, being still or rocking slowly to have only the smallest movements was a delight and we enjoyed a lot. We also tried sharing breaths together, with our mouths together and one partner breathing in through their nose and sharing the breath across to the other through their mouth. This was really hot and made us feel very connected, as if we were breathing as one person. I remember once I was sucking on her pussy and she came whilst I was doing this, and I thought for a moment I would suffocate or have my neck broken with the strength of her convulsive orgasm and me having my head almost crushed between her thighs. Glad to have survived I remember to avoid being there when she orgasms now as her strong athletic muscular body and powerful orgasms is a dangerous combination. She and I love to fuck outdoors and we have explored most of our local parks and reserves together and found many secluded spots to enjoy ourselves together. Long may it continue.