Written by Hubby

9 May 2017

Well its been awhile , last post we chatted was when I had set up a situation where I fucked Jarrods wife Helen in there home with Jarrods knowledge (sort of anyway).

Well we are downstairs at Jarrods and Helens house the morning after , and the tension is fun (when you know that we have all fucked each others partner, but not openly ,lol).

We decide to have breakfast on the terrace ,overlooking the beach .

I left Jarrod bemused last night , handing him his wife's wet and sticky g string (after I had fucked her well) ,and sent Helen to bed with a sloppy wet cunt and no undies on ,so I was keen to ask Helen how it went .

After breakfast was done and we were cleaning up , I was getting horny just replaying the nights events in my head ,when I noticed that when Helen walked past the verandah window (where we had just had breakfast) that I could see clean through her long nylon nightie thing ,wow ! her bum cheeks were wobbling as she clearly still had no knickers on , and I wanted to fuck her all over again.

My wife Sam , said to Helen "i'll go and get the sheets of the bed we slept in and through them in the wash " to which Helen replied "thanks , Sam".

Jarrod then calls me over and asks me to pop down to his garage , so as he can show me something he was working on ?

Well when we get there he coyly says to me , " you know Helen was like a whore in bed last night , whatever you did certainly seemed to make act like a different woman", then added " how did you know that she would let you fuck her" ( he of course was not aware that I had fucked her before.

He said to me that if I ever wanted to set up a double date like that again ,that he would be all for it , this being because he got to fuck Sam,my missus and his wife Helen both in the one night (so did I , I thought to myself).

Well later that morning Jarrod was taking a shower in the en suite , and by sheer luck (manipulated by me) , Sam , my wife was ,washing her hair and taking a shower in the guest bathroom as the same time ,

I went into the kitchen and walked straight up behind Helen ,who was washing dishes , and lifted her long nightie/dressing gown thing , whilst grabbing her bum cheek with the other hand, she of course was startled and tried to turn around , when I pushed harder against her and whispered in her ear " you've got a ass to die for " to which she replied "don't Jarrod or Helen could walk in any second " to which I replied "nope there both in the shower ".

I said how was it when you went to bed last night ? how was Jarrod Helen replied "he held up my dirty g string from last night ,and just looked at me ,when I started to explain he just came up to me and lifted my skirt and stuck his finger in me , whilst I was was trying to squirm away , as I was was not very clean down there and thought that we were about to have a big fight , but he pulled his finger out and said " he fucked you didn't he?"

I hung my head down and started to cry , when he said " don't cry , I'm not worried about it and he keeled down and started to lick my pussy , while I was screaming "I'm all dirty down there " to which he replied " I know .I saw your g string , you naughty married woman".

By now I to was on my knees , pushing her bum cheeks apart , kissing her cheeks , inhaling her personal aroma , from being fucked twice last night , and two loads of spunk dribbling out of her, I then started to lick her bum hole and finger her at the same time.

Helen was fidgeting but was cumming all over my hand , then I stood up dropped my pants and stuck my rock hard cock into the warmest, stickiest sloppy cunt , and fucked her doggy style while leaning her over the sink , fuck her cunt had this amazing aroma coming from it ,the whole kitchen stunk of sex, I pulled out and proceeded to push my super hard cock into her bum hole ( she was surprised but not stopping me ) after a short while I blew my load up her ass , and was just about to pull out when I happened to glance around the room , when I saw Jarrod standing in the hallway wanking his dick watching his wife get another guys cock , we made eye contact , he gave me a thumbs up and disappeared down the hall , I dropped Helens nightie down kissed her ear and said " you are a great fuck" "did you like my cock in your ass" she replied " mmm I thought it would hurt , but I was wrong ,Jarrods never done that to me before ,nor has any body else"

I replied," I bet he will in the future ...............