Written by hungmilfhunter

20 Feb 2013

For those who read my other story "Double penetrating my friends mum", you will know who Mary and Greg are. For those who haven't they are my friends, well im not great friends with him now, but they are my friends parents and they very adventurous.

Well I was in a shopping centre not far from my house getting some things, browsing and of course having a look at some of the women. I was walking along and I went into a sports shop. I had unusual feeling that there had been someone following me. You know that feeling where you dont see someone but you just know someones there. Well I walked around for a bit looking at things and all of sudden a woman pops out from behind a rack of clothes. It startles me a bit but I quickly recognize the woman. It's Mary! I was surprised to see her seeing her considering I am at least half an hour from where she lives. I say hi as you do and we exchange a bit of small talk and she asks if I enjoyed our encounter a few weeks ago. Of course I did, I said yes. She follows up with "I loved it, Ive been getting horny thinking about how you sat there watching us go at it". Well I knew she enjoyed, thats a good thing. Then she asks if I would like to come to her house, she says Greg is at work for about another hour and that she wants us to get back to there house and start without Greg so that he walks in on us. Im not going to say no to this. She says she has no shopping left to do so we go to our cars and meet back at hers. I park down the street about 100 metres and walk up so Greg doesnt know Im there. I get to the door, Mary has left it open for me. I know walking in to expect her in something sexy if she hasnt greeted me at the door. I go in and to the left is the front room, she isnt there. I keep walking, I go past the kitchen without looking. I check all the other rooms and even out the back and shes not there, I shouldve gone in the kitchen to start with. I get back to the kitchen and Mary there doing the dishes in the nude. As I walk in she tells me to strip down and help her. Doing the dishes isnt what i was expecting but Ill help. I stand next to her and dry dishes, we are both nude her tits are sitting very nicely for an older woman, her body in very good shape and memories of last time are coming into my mind while I stand there admiring her body. My cock is starting to harden a little bit. She says to me she wanted to kill a bit of time and not start til 15 minutes before he was due home.I wasnt complaining it was only 10 minutes.

It had now been about 10 minutes, I was horny and keen to get started. We finished the washing up and I looked the clock. I put my hand in the water and splashed some of it onto her tits. I rubbed them and squeezed them with my hands, they glistened in the light now. I love a pair of big, shiny tits! I kissed her with hands on her ass then sliding one hand between her legs to rub her pussy, its wet. I ask her where she wants us to be caught, she says "the front room, I want us to be one of the first things he sees". I pick her up and carry her into the front room, there are a few chairs in there and I sit her down on one, standing in front of her she goes to work sucking on my dick. She licks and sucks on it while stroking it at the same time. She hadnt shown me this skill last time, she can deepthroat. She gets the whole 8 inches down her throat and stuffed in her mouth, I doubt she could do this to Greg, hes way too thick! Its now only a couple of minutes til Greg is due home and she wants me to fuck her from behind facing her toward the door. I slide in slowly and just ease my cock in, taking my time as I want to go hard when Greg is walking in. I glide my cock in and out slowly, I hear a car door and get ready to go hard. When I hear the door handle turn I grab hold of Mary's hips and start slamming her pussy as hard as I can. She starts moaning and screaming slightly over the sound of my thighs slapping against her ass. He walks in looks at us, smiles and says "fancy seeing you again!" Mary points him to a chair and says "your turn to watch". He sits down obligingly and watches. Im still fucking her as hard as possible and have to stop to catch breath, as i do this I put my stomach against her back and flip onto my back so she can ride me. Facing away from and looking toward Greg she starts riding my cock, I stare at her ass bouncing away while I catch my breath. I lean to the side to look over at Greg, he smiles, obviously enjoying what he sees. I can see his hard cock bulge against the pants of his suit. I would say he wont be keeping that in his pants much longer. Mary gets off and turns around, sitting back down my cock facing me this time. She leans forward with her ass in the air for Greg, as she rides my cock her tits jiggle in my face. I love that. They exchange a few dirty words and I slap her ass a few times.

To change things up, I pick Mary up and start walking to the kitchen. I tell Greg to follow. I walk with my cock still in her pussy. When we get to the kitchen I tell Greg to take out his cock and for Mary to get on her knees. Greg whips out his thick tool and she starts sucking on it, being so thick she struggles to get half of his 6-7 inch cock in her mouth. He doesnt let her suck long before he bends her over and squeezes his thick cock into her little pussy. He starts slamming her hole, shes obviously used to having his thick cock penetrating her pussy. She sucked on my cock while Greg screwed her in a few different positions before we moved it to the bedroom. Double stuffing time! I didnt fuck her ass last time we did this and on the way to the bedroom Greg told me it was my turn to shove my cock in her ass. Greg lay back on the bed as Mary climbed on top of him, guiding his cock into her pussy as he pumped her pussy full of cock I spat on her ass hole and slip a finger in there. I fingered her bum for a minute then lined my cock up with her hole and nudged my head against it a few times before sliding in slowly. I got half way in the first attempt and then second attempt getting in another couple of inches. After a few thrusts, Greg started thrusting again. Feeling his cock sliding in and out of her pussy while mine does the same to her ass is such a good feeling, it makes me want to cum. I slide in a few more times and Im ready to cum. I tell Mary and slide out. She hops off his cock and get on her knees on the floor, I stroke my cock while Greg watches. My dick is sitting over Mary's face and about to blow. I pull away from her face a bit and shoot two big streams of hot cum on her face. She smiles as she looks up at me, putting my cock in her mouth and sucking on it while Greg gets on his knees behind her lifts her ass up and sticks his dick into her ass. He pounds her ass as hard as he can without hurting her and blows his load deep inside her ass. I didnt see that coming i thought he was going to pull out and blow on her face. He comes around to her face and she continues to clean my cock and begins to clean his. Both our cocks stay hard for a few minutes and I decide to try both our cocks in her mouth. We just manage to get both in with just the tip of his cock getting in.

I thank them for having me again and for letting me fuck Mary. They invite me back on a specific date which was only a week away and tell me to bring a friend or two or three...thats interesting! I feel her titties a little bit as we talk, get dressed and leave.

The next time Im back there is in a few days now, look forward to that story it'll be good.