Written by happy wife

1 May 2013

We always enjoy having a spa with friends, and when a mate dropped in from the country we warmed it up and got a few drinks, as always one of us has to go for more drink and on cold nights more often than not its me, any way, I needed to have a leak, and jumped out with glasses in hand for refreshments, I topped up the glasses and went back towards the spa, which is though the master bedroom and in a court yard out side, as I did I thought I saw my mate slide down of the edge of the spa back into the water, and didn’t think any thing of it, later the same thing seemed to happen when I was coming back out again, so when he went in for a leak I asked my wife, and with a sly smile she told me how she had sucked his cock for him while I was away, as he was so horny, so I told her next time I would make an excuse to have to do some pc work and be gone for some time and for her to give him a good sucking, I left them saying I would be gone for some time and went into our den, and turned on the light which they could just see, up the side of the house, and sneaked back to watch, Td was sitting naked on the edge her head bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock,, then she turned and offered her pussy to him, his cock went straight in and he fucked her hard and fast, with all the head jobs before he didn’t last long and soon I could see his spasm as he shot his seed in her pussy, I waited for a few minutes , turned of the light and went back out, they were both looking guilty as I sat down, my hand going into my wife’s pussy as I did, she jumped Ted noticed but said nothing, I played in her feeling his cum inside her ,hen to her surprise, I looked Ted right in the eye and said , Nice Load, and slide my shorts down and popped my wife right onto my hard cock, Ted sat shocked, not sure what to do, I fucked my wife from below, before turning her over and doing her doggy, as I did I looked at Ted and said fuck her mouth for her, he moved again not sure what to do, I repeated Fuck her mouth, and he stood sliding his cock towards her mouth, it took awhile before he got hard, seeing as he had just cum, but soon his cock filled her mouth and she worked him hard as my cock, pounded her pussy, Then I said Your turn and moved away, turned Sue so she could suck my cock and Ted have her pussy once more, this time he went straight in, and banged away hard, Sue was having lots of orgasms, as we both worked her body over, then I said come on lets dry of and get comfortable, going into the bedroom we lay Sue down and sucked her nipples and licked her clit, before my cock returned to her cum soaked pussy, ted was enjoying a good blow job, when I told him to lay down on the bed, Sue then straddled him his cock slipping back into her pussy, I lubed my cock and aimed at her butt, taking time to open her up before fucking her hard in thyme with Ted, we both enjoy some time doing this, when my cock let loose, filling her arse with cum, as my cock slipped out I told Ted to give her butt a go, his smile told me he wanted to, as we moved around, I watched as his cock sank deep, my cum running out and down her thighs, he lasted about 10 mins before he to flooded her arse, flopping his cock out, when he stopped cuming, I went down and licked her butt dry Ted was shocked, but couldn’t keep his eyes of her, as Sue sat up and pushed the last of our cum from her hole,

We rested and fucked her again, taking turns using all her body Tit fucking her to anal and pussy, before we both unloaded once more,

Ted was all smiles when we said don’t wait so long before visiting again,