Written by oooooh1

12 Sep 2018

back in the 90s i advertised on a website asking if any girls would like to put on an exhibitionist show. One girl actually replied, said "maybe". we chatted on email for ages.

One nite i eventually asked her if we could try one of my fantasies. I said can you got to your bedroom window and remove your clothes, and I will be outside in the dark watching. Unbelievably to me she agreed and gave me her address!

at the agreed time, around 11pm from memory, I show up and look for the window she told me was her's. It was second floor and i was standing in a laneway. sure enough light goes on, she comes into the room wearing only a towel.

I had not met her, didnt know what she looked like or sounded like at this stage. she was about 30, hot petite Italian with jet black bob hair, slim. but with quite big tits.

She proceeded to take off the towel, sat in front of a lamp and rubbed some skin lotion into her tits. I was turned on, but from where i was could only see the top half of her, and the night was cold. got my cock out but was a little paranoid of getting caught so didnt do much. she lasted about 10 minutes and then shut off the light.

Next night we chatted by email again, she said how turned on she was by what we did. I said i was too, want to try another scene? she says what?

i said, go into the botanical gardens (the one between fitzroy and cbd, big public park with lots of nooks and crannies, was close to her apartment block ), sit on a secluded but public bench, pretend to read a book. dont wear any panties. i will come past, you should give me flashes of your pussy every so often as if by accident. told her what id be wearing,

so i get to the park the day we agreed, walked around for a while couldn't see her, thought maybe she cancelled, but then i see her. i walk by slowly so she knows im there. then come back and am standing behind some large bush watching her. sure enough, she crosses her legs and as she does I get a lovely sharon stone view of almost hairless pussy. did this for about 15 minutes. some other guy was trying to get into the action, but i gave him a dirty look and he left.

then she closes the book, gets up starts to walk off. i go up to her say "hey", she turns around and we hug for couple minutes. then i stood back lifted her skirt up. she was so wet the cum came out of her pussy like a tap had been turned on. then we parted.

there is some more from this girl, but later...;)

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