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Published 5 years ago
Two or so years ago I had a heart attack while in Adelaide. I spent two weeks in hospital before being allowed to travel home to Brisbane. Before the attack I had been seeing a couple. R &M every time I visited Adelaide. They would come to my hotel room for some fun. And was it fun. We would get naked and the fun would begin. I was sucked by both,I was tied up on the bed and they would play with my cock R would sit on my face so I could lick her out she would sit on my cock and let it slip deep inside her pussy. But for me I loved her laying on her back legs open wide and we would start kissing. Tongue deep inside our mouths then I would work my way down and suck on her nipples before heading down to her most beatiful shaved pussy. I love to spend ages licking sucking on her pussy. My cock would be so hard sometimes M would suck me and lick my balls but most times hed play with R s tits I would then move up her body and slowly slip my cock into her wet open pussy where we would fuck each other until we both came. M sometimes would lick her out. We d take a rest then start again I loved to watch M play with R nd would play with my cock as they did. Or R would suck me and play with my balls. This couple were the tops. We played together we had dinner together we chatted together. But better sex could not be found. On one occasion they invited another couple and a single lady over. So six of us played in a group session. But I knew who I wanted without a doubt. Well since those times. I have had a open heart op and had by passes done. Now I find it hard to get an hard on and I live with these fantastic memories I have of my times together with this couple. Memories that will not fade. When I remember these times my cock becomes the hardest it every gets. Which isn't that hard. But played with for awhile I do cum and my memories with them help me. We have lost touch but they are still with mein memory All I can do now is be very thankful for them and the times we spent together.

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