Written by tuff1

10 Feb 2014

C had turned 18 when i first fucked her, she had lost her virginity when she was 15 and between then & until I lost my virginity with her she had several partners, the reason I mention this is it does have a twist to the story later. C was certainly not shy when we were naked together, I mentioned when I first had sex with her that I had slid my tongue down her slit, after a few times of foreplay I decided to really give her oral sex, I started as we normally did with gentle caresses , sucking on her lovely nipples,feeling them start to firm as I teased them,nipping them lightly, now it was time to taste her lovely little cunt.I moved down her body dragging my tongue from her breasts to her mound (remember this was my first attempt at giving oral sex), I positioned myself so I could place my lips to her little clit and began to flick my tongue across it before taking it in my mouth & sucking on it until I felt it harden completely in my mouth. By this time my cock was throbbing in anticipation, I lay along side her took her hand & placed it on my cock. To my disapointment her hand did not move despite me moving so that my shaft slipped up/down. I asked if she would suck my cock & had a firm no! (remember this readers; it makes what happens later strange)by this stage my balls were aching and I could not wait to fuck her completely , I began to ride her & felt her cunt tighten around me , juice began to run out of her & trickled onto my balls increasing my excitement. I could feel myself cumming & as I started to cum I pulled back so I only had about an inch of cock inside her & I released my cum in spasms flooding her totally.Our sex life continued on with my pleasuring her orally as well as fucking her, I did not think too much about the lack of oral sex on her part as I had not had another sexual partner, now & then I would ask her to just suck me but still no! I asked whether I upset her by my using my tongue in her cunt ? the answer was definetly not. I love you eating me out! One evening we were with another young couple(friends of hers from work) down on the banks of the Torrens, We had a few drinks and were into a heavy pashing session , naturally my hand slid up her skirt, the other couple were likewise engaged, when I looked across the girl had her head under the blanket bobbing up & down. when I pointed this out to C her answer was good luck to them but the answer is still no but fuck me now!I was just about to remove her knickers when a very irate elderly woman came up & began to give us a right dressing down about our behaviour in a public place, C very calmly said it is pretty dark and to fuck off & mind her business, This put a dampener to our activities that night as the woman had scurried off saying she was going to call the police! thank god, no mobiles back then!